Fucking monster

Trump today said the following to a reporter outside the White House.
“One day the virus will just go away.”
“I did wear a mask one time, it was black and I like the way it looked. Sort of like the Lone Ranger. It looked good.”

Yeah just like the Lone Ranger with his mask over his mouth, so that he wouldn’t be recognized, just like Zorro.
With almost 130,000 dead Americans, he still says the virus will just go away. He must have heard what the media was saying when he first uttered that stupidity, yet months later, he says the same thing. He’s really stupid beyond belief or he has a death wish or both. We know that he has a big mouth and can’t shut up even when it’s in his best interest to do so.
When asked yesterday about perhaps his having not noticed the Russian bounty thing in his PDB or is it DPB – no worries because you, dear readers, know that I’m speaking of the brief that the President receives daily in writing and on occasion orally. He responded, actually cutting the reporter off prior to her having finished asking her question, “I notice everything”. Sure, just like as his press secretary, the deceitful, lying piece of shit Macenany said a couple of days ago:
“There is no more informed person on this planet than Donald Trump when it comes to threats to our security.” Then she turned on her heel and just left, abruptly ending the news conference. Unbelievable.
She is a spokesperson for the President, paid to simply spin events to make her audience of one look better. Saying things like The New York Times and the Washington Post should return their Pulitzers and denying that the president had used a racist term to describe COVID 19 when he had just uttered one. And reporters just sit there. No one stands up to call her out on her lies just like that because minds will not be changed by what transpires in these sham press conferences.
Racist, vile and disgusting statements and tweets by Trump since the last Presser are either denied or spun.
There should be a federal law or a law passed by every single state legislature making masks compulsory. That’s all. All I figure is that some Americans, including Trump’s base, manifest a dangerous aversion to anything which they feel impinges on their freedom as Amerikan citizens.
I’m sorry to say that I can’t relate to that in this case because the virus is spiking in thirty-eight states. These people are free to die if they choose not to practice social distancing and/or to wash their hands often enough, but freedom is accompanied by certain responsibilities which includes the responsibility not to infect me or anyone else due to their absurd devotion to the principle of freedom. Freedom does come with responsibilities but these ignorant people either never thought about that or don’t care. The former situation is sad because it is the result of a lack of grade school education or poor quality education beyond that or no education at all – while the latter is simply reprehensible.
Trump has called the Russian bounty thing … wait for it … a “hoax” perpetrated by the “corrupt media” and the Democrats. Some reporting says that he was told that Putin was offering bounties to Taliban fighters for the killing of American soldiers way back in February and chose inaction even though he has had five telephone conversations with the Russian president since then. The veracity of this will eventually be proved or disproved over the next little while, but one thing the moron-in-chief cannot talk his way out of is this: the bounty story was reported for everyone to see, including the idiot in the WH last Friday, yet he chose to play two rounds of golf, one on Saturday and one on Sunday at his Bedminster, NJ, property, rather than staying in Washington to deal with the most recent crisis rocking his White House to its very core. He ain’t fit to handle the enormous responsibilities associated with the presidency. He likes the trappings of the job but is too stupid, uninformed and incompetent to deal with the pressure which comes with being the chief executive of the United States.
Stupid and uninformed – no one in his left mind can argue that Trump is not both of those adjectives. He didn’t know that Britain was a nuclear power or that Finland was independent of Russia, nor is he aware that the 19 following the word COVID stood for 2019, the year this horrible pandemic first reared it’s ugly head. He thinks and says that windmills cause cancer and that wind energy is not stored so that electrics just shut down during windless periods. He is uninformed regardless of Maceneny’s assertions to the contrary.
He is too stupid just to shut up when shutting his gob is called for. He can’t stop telling anyone who is actually listening, whether at home or abroad, how great he is and what an excellent job he’s doing. I don’t know why people just don’t laugh in his face except for Fauci who did once, kind of, from behind Trump when the latter was grifting on about the pandemic. Oh, I almost forgot, he actually asked doctors to check on the injection of disinfectant as an antidote to the virus. Stupid and uninformed beyond belief.
Which brings us to incompetence. What competent businessman would go bankrupt at least five times, and maybe six – no one knows because he refuses to release his tax returns and other financial records for public viewing and investigation. The state of US society – racism, a deadly disease and an economy mired in failure – his inability to deal with any of these problems speaks loudly to his incompetence. He either fans the flames like tweeting a clip showing one of his supporters, a guy in a retirement community called the Villages in Florida, screaming “white power”, or doctoring a video to show two kids – one black, the other white – who were hugging in the original clip, altering the clip to show the little black kid running after the white little boy or he does stuff like urging the re-opening of the country way too early as the data shows. We won’t even spend time on the church photo op and concomitant issues associated with that particular debacle – apparently Ivanka’s idea.
Let’s finish with this. Trump ain’t gonna win in November and will blame his defeat on the virus rather than taking any responsibility for its consequences on both the American people and the shambled economy. I really hope that he has to face criminal charges in court starting late this year or early next, and that, as a result, he ends up in prison where he spends the rest of his disgusting, dishonest, lying, narcissistic, misogynistic, ignorant and racist life.

Peace out.

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