One-Off Saturday : “I Can’t Breathe, I Can’t Breathe” … The Mid-East, Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs, Jews, Terror … Fear and Loathing as we Try to Find Out Why … Leading to the Song by the Same Name Performed by the Eagles …

Above : Our featured video is incredible. It shows police officers attacking a four-hundred pound man, suspected of knocking out illegal cigarettes/straights. The man ends up dead and the death was ruled a homicide on Friday. The cop doing the choke hold has been on desk duty since the murder. Listen as the guy tells the poe-lice that he can’t breathe.

Live version of Eagles’ “I can’t tell you why”.

Historians would have a hard time defining, describing, and locating chronologically exactly when the Arabs and the Jews started really having a go at each other.

Did it start during pre-history, commonly thought to have ended as an era around 5000 B.C., during biblical times, medieval times, or the common era. Like I said, it would be difficult to determine when all this shit really started.


Was it during the period of Aliyot in the latter part of the nineteenth century, when Jews migrated in large numbers, relatively speaking that is, to Palestine, or during the 1930’s when many Jews fled Europe in the period pre-World War II, beginning in 1933 when Hitler was ” elected” dictator.


Tangent: Hitler came out of the 1932 with a plurality of the popular vote leading to his National Socialists gaining control of more seats than any other party, but short of a majority, with this circumstance leading to the formation of a so-called coalition government where Hitler himself occupied more than half of the 35 cabinet seats.
Hitler employing his personal and private para-military force, the Storm Trooper S.A.’s to issue threats designed to intimidate his opponents, and if that didn’t work, the S.A.’s were not immune from beating up the perceived dissidents of that paranoid megalomaniacal personification of evil defying description as such – or worse. Hitler then got himself declared dictator (fuehrer), among other things, after having used the above-mentioned tactics plus his plurality of seats to get an Enabling Act through the Reichstag which effectively “enabled” the Nazis to operate as a majority even though they did not in fact have one.


This “enabled” the passage of such draconian and totally reactionary legislation as the Nourembourg Laws, which stripped Jews of their citizenship and all the rights and protections that came with it.

Back to the thread: Was it in 1948 when the State of Israel was declared?

As I was saying, it’s impossible to pin point a specific time or event which caused the split between Israelis and Arabs, Jews and Palestinians, etc.

But what about when the rest of the world en masse in fora like the United Nationsimage turned against Israel? Difficult question first of all because are Jews synonymous with Israel? Are Arabs synonymous with Palestinians. Are Palestinians synonymous with Palestinians? What? Uh oh.

Anyway, like I was saying it’s a hard question to answer for a few reasons. If Zionism is equated with/defined as racism, then by the same logic, the international community would have to equate Anti-Israeli-ism with racism too. Wouldn’t it? So are people basically anti-Semitic and if so, when did that all start. Has it been around since Cain and Abel or what?


We don’t have to do the same kind of tour as we undertook a couple of paragraphs ago; suffice to say that the Middle Ages highlighted by that lovely inquisition on the Iberian peninsula was already reflecting a schism between Jews and non-Jews in terms of culture including dress. Jews had to wear markings to show that they were indeed Jews. [1]
[1]In 1215, THE POPE issues a decree that Jews must wear special marks on their dress to distinguish them more clearly from Christians. The Church wants to prevent Christians from unknowingly associating with Jews. These discriminating dress marks differ from place to place: sometimes Jews have to wear a yellow or red badge on their dress, sometimes a pointed hat, the so-called “Jew hat.”


Not only dress marks are used to separate Jews from Christians. More and more, Jews are forced to live together in isolation, in ghettos closed off by walls. As ghettos are usually not allowed to extend, they become increasingly isolated.


Further, it was illegal to bother a Jew on Shabbat. Interesting, eh. Jews were definitely leading separate lives and were neither recognized nor welcomed as equal members of most if not all European nation-states during the Middle Ages (500-1500 approx). They were shunned, ridiculed, and much worse, suffered torture and murder. Definitely not accepted? Right? Right.


Why? Ahh! That’s a question for the ages?

Is it because we define ourselves as God’s chosen people or is it due to the fact that we are more than of average intelligence?

Is it because of our claims to be history’s first monotheists or is it a result of the fact we dominated and still do the the investment-banking industry? image

Who the hell knows?

All I can say is that racism of any sort is and always has been based in abject ignorance, defying reason.

See you 2-more-oh!

Take care.

Go in peace. And Harmony.

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