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Another JuicyLesson from Canadian Jerry [CJ]

Thursday afternoon
February 06-2020

Trump has been speaking for almost 20 minutes. Tune in. It’s impossible.

Now that it’s over after a good hour, I conclude that Trump is definitely crazy, out of his tiny mind and needs psychiatric help. He still doesn’t think that he did anything wrong and stood up there and jumped around with no apparent reason or logical progression of thought, from one grievance to the next in his litany of complaints aimed at people some of whom he named, and forces which have come out against him. Self-pitying, angry, self-centred and mean, his mental illness came right through. He is sick. Sees black and white in everyone and every thing, attacks his enemies as bad people, corrupt and evil human beings, and classifying people supporting him as “good”.

He sees himself as a victim and is seriously anti-empathetic as well being intellectually challenged, stupid in other words. He’s a very dumb man who thinks that he’s smart, and is wont to believe that he’s always right. I can’t really tell you what an experience that rant turned out to be. Scary and sad. It’s important that occasions like the rant of 02-06-2020 be remembered. The guy’s a mental case; don’t ever forget that and he has control of the nuclear codes.

From the pen of Canadian Jerry (🇨🇦 J)

Admittedly I was buzzing on a cuppa weed tea, which I consumed at around ten o’clock this morning, and now, ten hours later, I’m still feeling it.
I’m about to blow my first doob of the day, having inadvertently given my lungs the day off.

Let’s egg a few homes.


Friday evening
February 07-2020

Trump has just fired Alexander Vindman and his brother, Yevgeny, both of these men escorted off White House grounds today. BE55059F-4366-4CAB-A9F5-87F355785C0E Vindman, pictured on the right above, with his brother, Yevgeny. Vindman, you remember, testified in front of the House of Representatives during Trump’s impeachment investigation. I guess Trump wasn’t particularly pleased with what Vindman had to tell the House, and showed his vindictive streak by terminating the brothers, both of whom had been employed as members of the National Security Council. (N.S.C.)

Vindman is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the U.S. army and will go back to that occupation after having been unceremoniously removed from his position in the White House.

Now there’s an unconfirmed report that Gordon Sondland, American ambassador to the European Union is to be recalled and fired. Sondland told the House during the aforementioned hearings that, in his opinion, Trump had engaged in a quid pro quo in Trump’s dealings with Ukrainian President Zelensky at a time before this had been accepted as fact. 7B761509-33AF-480C-BB5D-721F0173F18BObviously, Trump is getting rid of anyone perceived by the president as having spoken out against him. He is also sending the message that if you cross the president, there will be retaliatory action taken against you.

It’s incredible to me that this is happening. Not to forget that the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yuvanovitch also was shown the door due to the fact that, according to Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, she was getting in the way of Trump’s attempts to get President Zelensky to announce an investigation into the Bidens.0020C26E-CDAD-4B31-AD10-4148E44B3674 “Take her out”, Trump ordered, and do she was gone, dismissed from her post. It appears that the president sees himself as a don, ordering a hit on an opponent and doesn’t seem at all bothered by that self-perception.

What’s next? As the Chinese expression goes “May you live in interesting times”.


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