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JuicyLesson 305: Fear and Loathing With the Iraqi Military Fighting to Stop ISIS … Music Today From Bruce Springsteen …

Iraqi Military Fighting to Stop ISIS (8 minutes)

Will peace ever come to this war-torn and shattered land? This is what has resulted from the original American intervention in 2003, which intervention was aimed at getting rid of the Iraqi tyrant, Saddam Hussein. Under President George W. Bush, the Americans entered the country, eventually capturing Hussein who, in the end, was executed after having been tried and convicted of genocide against his own people.

However, the U.S. did not develop an exit strategy nor did its leaders have the foresight to predict what would happen to and in Iraq following the American withdrawal. Remember the U.S. battleship flying a banner saying “Mission Accomplished”? Well, to this point it has been “mission accomplished” my ass.

The example of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was there for everyone to see. After the defeated Soviets withdrew from that sandy nation in 1988, the country fell apart, much like what has happened and is happening in Iraq.

However, aside from minding its own business and tending to its own affairs, what was the alternative as far as the Americans were concerned?

To round out a pretty heavy news week, Bruce Springsteen really rocks – “Dancing in the Dark”.

Have a nice long weekend.

Peace and love.


  • Matthew Friedman says:

    Afghanistan? Soviet Union? Wasn’t Vietnam enough?? The missteps, arrogant lying and stupidity of the Bush administration led to this current mess. And quite a mess it is. We here in the states , at least many of us watched in horror as the Republicans led us into the morass on every front. George fucking Bush! How could The American voter not see through this swaggering,
    thin lipped nasty bastard. A classic bully. And now look at what he has hatched!!!

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