JuicyLesson 297 : More Fear and Loathing in the Mid-East; the Beheading of an American Journalist, James Foley …

It took a little more time than usual, but with the collapse of the seemingly umpteenth cease-fire it’s time for another JuicyLesson on Hamas and the beliefs of this terrorist organization, propaganda which enables it to use it’s own people as human shields, endangering the lives of many innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip, or so I thought and intended as our JL for today.

However, from the Middle East comes news on Tuesday that an American journalist, who having been kidnapped two years ago and held captive ever since has been beheaded by his Islamic terrorist fundamentalist captors. James Foley, 40 years old, was captured in November 2012, while covering the Syrian civil war for Time magazine I believe it was.
This horrible event has served to wipe Hamas off the front page, for the moment at least. Bye Hamas, for now. Hello ISIS.

Another American journalist, also dressed in orange, is referenced in this video produced and distributed by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a terrorist organization dedicated to the creation of a so-called Islamic caliphate which would encompass those two countries). The second journalist remains alive and in captivity and the future does not look bright for him, also a Time reporter whose name is mentioned in our featured video clip for today.

ISIS is threatening to behead the above-mentioned second reporter as well as to take captive and murder other Americans, unless the United States agrees to cease its military operations in Iraq.

The United States, as a matter of policy, does not negotiate with terrorists who kidnap Americans and then make demands to which the U.S. must accede in order to secure the release of captive Americans. I am certain that James Foley’s family is saddened by that situation but that’s the way it is. Now.

For those of you with strong stomachs, here is a clip which does show the actual act as it is being committed.

I just noticed that You Tube has censored the clip to which the following paragraph refers. I prefer to allow the content of what I had originally written, prior to the above-mentioned You Tube action, to remain because its subject doesn’t change whether the actual visual evidence exists or not. The image that I saw at shut-off time will remain with me for some time I imagine. In that sense You Tube did good. Absolute.

WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO, AS GRAPHIC AS GRAPHIC CAN GET. I couldn’t even watch the entire thing but decided to post it anyway, firstly, to show the types of people who could and did pull off such a blood curdling act, and, more importantly, to demonstrate the nature of the task that stands in front of the truly peace-loving among us. It saddens my heart. Really does. I feel it. I swear.

How do you reason with ignorant and violent religious fanatics who chant the name of Allah seemingly with every stroke of the knife which eventually, I assume, separates the poor victim’s head from the rest of his body.

Is there any reasoning with men – who run the show as opposed to women who “only” martyr themselves in the name of G-d but don’t have any control – like that?

What is the alternative aside from washing one’s hands of the whole thing and staying away? Fuck it.

Now for somewhat of an uplift, here is a clip of Lee dancing, “reggae-ing out” out as it were. Dance on my LoveLee darling.

Peace is needed.

Is it possible?

See you tomorrow.

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