Fear and loathing in U.S. politics : three weeks in the life of DJT

Just watching Donnie at a news conference with the president of Finland. Same old talking points. Called the impeachment inquiry investigation a hoax, “a big fraud on the American people” as the moron-in-chief put it. He attacked the whistle blower as well as arguing that “shifty Schiff”, a reference to the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, helped the whistleblower formulate/write his or her report. The actual fact of the matter, is, however, according to the Inspector General who is a Trump appointee, there is no evidence supporting that remark and that the whistleblower’s report was credible.
His attacks on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, continued. Just because the mainstream media has tried to hammer home to their viewers that there is no evidence that Trump’s contention that the Bidens are corrupt and that Joe Biden, while he was serving as Vice President in the Obama administration, intervened in Ukrainian politics to encourage the president of that country to terminate the previous prosecutor general who was supposedly investigating Hunter – just because the media has been on the “no evidence” train since this story broke doesn’t mean that it ain’t true, in fact … just want to put that out there as well as the fact that the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS) as opposed to progressive reporting/commentary emanating from, for example, Ring of Fire, The Young Turks and their associate Damage Control, Politico, etc. have been reporting that the aforementioned prosecutor was fired because he wasn’t pursuing the case against Hunter Biden strictly and actively enough thus trying to put to rest the idea that Vice President Biden would actually want to get rid of someone who was being perceived as being to be too lenient in his attempt to link Hunter Biden with kickbacks and overall corruption.

About three weeks later …
Things are getting really interesting. Just last night the president tweeted that he had decided to scrap his plan to host the 2022 G-7 conference at the Trump property in Doral, Florida, close to Miami. He is obviously fearing the impeachment inquiry rwhich may possibly and eventually cost him his job and was probably told forcefully that there was no valid reason to add fuel to t emolument clause fire.

The fact of the matter is that many people are convinced that Trump has been using the office of the presidency to enrich himself personally which, if proven, would be a clear violation of the constitution and could be used as further evidence against the president presuming that there is an impeachment trial convened in the Senate at some future point in time. The desire not to needlessly contribute to the mess in which Trump finds himself presently enmeshed by stating that he intends to hold that G-7 meeting at Doral was probably the proverbial straw which broke the camel’s back. In an extremely unusual occurrence for this president, he caved via Twitter last night beginning his first of three tweets with words to the effect that he thought that he was doing something good for the country, yeah, tell me about it. The best thing that Trump could do for the country would be to resign from the presidency post haste.
Further, Trump’s decision to abandon America’s Kurdish allies by withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria has left the Kurds, who have fought side-by-side with the United States troops in the war against ISIS, to fend for themselves against Turkey who labels their Kurdish enemies as terrorists. This has led to bipartisan condemnation of Trump in both Houses of Congress, further increasing the weight on his shoulders, weight which he had so far shown himself to be relatively well able to bear, until last night three tweets that is.

There was an announcement by Pence, Trump’s Vice President and brown-nosed lackey, that a ceasefire had been negotiated but it turns out, according to Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan, that this ceasefire, which, as of this writing has not been holding, was planned as a 120 hour (five days) cessation of hostilities designed to give the Kurds the time to get the hell off and away from the area of land that Turkey plans to annex, to create a so-called “Safe Zone” between Syria and itself. (See map) Without allies, the Kurds have been given little choice in the matter. It’s either go or stay and fight to the death.

We haven’t even mentioned Ukrainian President Zelensky or Trump’s attorney, Rudolph (the bug eyed, empty-headed) Giuliani.

The famous phone call made by Trump to Zelensky during which Trump asked Zelensky to “do us a favor though” in the immediate wake of Zelensky having enunciated his country’s wish to purchase some missiles from the United States. The favor concerned digging up dirt on Hunter Biden and his father, Joe, the latter whom Trump considers to be his most likely and dangerous challenger in the presidential election to be held a little more than a year from now, believe it or not.

Clearly – and this’ll be the last time you’ll see this term in this post, and, if I can help it, in any other – a “quid pro quo”, literally “this for that”, asking the Ukraine to help him get re-elected return for the aforementioned military hardware as well as billions in military aid on which Trump had ordered a hold just a few days prior to the call to Zelensky. If this ain’t soliciting foreign interference in the American election, I ain’t Jerry Cohen from 🇨🇦.

As for Giuliani who, with Trump’s support and urging, has interjected himself into the whole process, running a kind of shadow foreign policy at the request of the State Department, according to him. The latter, however, has denied designating Giuliani to participate in the dirt digging campaign against Joe Biden. What a bloody mess, eh? Who the fuck does Rudy think he is? It can legitimately be argued that Giuliani has convicted himself more than just a couple of times during television interviews, especially on CNN where he contradicted himself while being questioned by Jake Tapper. First he denied that he had ever asked Zelensky for anything and then, about one minute later, he answered the same Tapper question with the following: “Of course I did”.

One other thing about that clown, Rudolph, a fourth associate of his was arrested four days ago. Two of the four – Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (pictured below) – were the first arrested; they were trying to leave the country with one way tickets, and have been charged with campaign finance violations.


Along with Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence, Rudy the rube has stated that he won’t comply with a Congressional subpoena for Ukraine-related documents. What a bunch a crap. Isn’t it a crime not to comply with subpoenas of this type? And if so, why isn’t someone being locked up left now?

Even though Trump has publicly acknowledged that he will order some people not to comply with subpoenas to force testimony to Congressional committees in closed door sessions, the ex-ambassador to the Ukraine, recently fired, Marie Yovanovitch as well as American Ambassador to the E.U. (European Union), Gordon Sondland in addition to at least two others have complied nonetheless and have testified to Congressional committees or sub-committees just over last week.

Their failure to appear could have resulted in their being charged with contempt of Congress as well as possibly leading up to Trump himself being similarly charged since he has stated that he would order them not to comply. In addition, Trump has left himself open to charges of obstructing justice and not for the first time.
So it appears that the Trump administration and Trump himself have had an incredibly tough three weeks during which all of this complete craziness
“mishugas” as is said in Yiddish, has happened.

I just wanted to get all of this out there in less than 1500 words in one place. It is staggering.

Peace out, my brothers and sisters. Left on, right?

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