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What is this president?

The moron-in-chief, in his inimitable manner, says that the Biden-Harris ticket is part of the radical left. As a matter of fact, he stated that he believes that the radical left will dictate policy to Biden and Harris. However, facts contradict that view in the sense that Harris’ history is more reactionary and certainly not progressive. To wit: in 2015, when called upon by the Legislative Black Caucus to support bills that would have mandated that all police officers wear body cameras and that the Attorney General’s office investigate lethal officer-involved shootings, she declined. She championed a law that went after the parents of chronically truant children, laughed when asked if marijuana should be legal, and supported a system that locks up people who are too poor to post exorbitant money bail. These policies were part and parcel of a system of mass incarceration that has deeply harmed poor people and communities of colour. Perhaps she has changed her stripes but all we have to go on right now, is her history.

Any person with a working brain knows how dumb Trump is. He’s so stupid; it’s unbelievable how totally ignorant he is regardless of his protestations to the contrary. Saying that he has a good brain doesn’t make it true. He can’t stay on topic for more than a minute or so unless he’s reading from a prepared document, his vocabulary is very limited and his understanding of the human condition is non-existent.
In addition, he is a sociopath, doesn’t seem at all bothered by the more than 175,000 COVID deaths, and just sits around tweeting, meeting with people that he knows will pay him deference publicly and playing golf while people just die in huge numbers. Just a few days ago now, your country suffered the deaths of 1500 souls, the largest one day total since March. Trump is directly responsible for a significant number of these deaths and people should begin to say that more. Trump has murdered prople. His inaction during the first three months of the pandemic plus his total ignorance regarding appropriate action to be taken right now or refusing to take that action for purely political and divisive reasons have combined to create uncertainty, division and death. His failure to tell Governors to make masks mandatory for at least the next three months reflects his sociopathic attitude as well as a self aggrandizing appeal to his base, white supremacists who have come out of the woodwork during the last four years, encouraged by the verbiage of Donald J. Trump included.

To hear Biden and Harris speak during the announcement of Harris having been selected as part of the Democratic ticket, I couldn’t help thinking that there is nothing new here going back to pre-Trump times. The only thing that those two have going for them is that they’re not the moron-in-chief and the vice-president. It would be nice if they’d be more progressive like introducing MFA (Medicare for all), raising the minimum wage and pumping money into a backward educational system. Biden is financially dependent on pharmaceutical and insurance companies for whom MFA would be a shot to the heart which provides a major reason for his having stated that he would veto a MFA bill if it came to his desk. The fact of the matter is this: Democrats and Republicans actually have a lot in common. Neither group supports progressive legislation because they are both beholden to corporate bread and therefore, even during this pandemic which saw millions lose their jobs and their medical insurance which accompanies it, Democrats and Republicans, generally, do not feel the need to endorse MFA, which is really necessary as a result of the economic impact of COVID. On the other hand, the progressive wing of the Democratic party personified by Bernie Sanders, Omar, and AOC, is perceived as being dangerous to the establishment which is why Sanders isn’t the nominee.


If you watched Sunday Morning on CBS last Sunday, it was disclosed and confirmed that there does legally exist Secret Presidential Powers known as the “Presidential Emergency Action Documents” that allow for: the suspension of the Constitution and the rights of Habeas Corpus as well as giving the chief executive the power to summarily declare martial law and to cancel an election.

So for once Trump’s bragging about his sole Secret Powers is 100% TRUE.
WTF is that about.

The moron-in-chief is working to kneecap the post office in order to hamstring and vilify mail-in ballots. He has said on at least one occasion that if a voting by mail was allowed, a Republican would never again be elected in the United States. Although hyperbolic, it can be argued that mail-in balloting doesn’t favour Republicans for some reason. Once again saying what should be the quiet part out loud, Trump has said that if he doesn’t give the USPS the money it needs then the Post Office won’t be able to successfully handle the volume of mail which will characterize mail-in voting. When coupled with the removal of both sorting machines and mail boxes this is a flagrant attempt to mess with a service which is highly popular with Americans and which does a pretty good job. The head of the Post Office, Trump donor and pal Louis Dejoy, testified before a congressional committee today, arguing that the removal of sorting machines was done because these machines weren’t needed. He made no commitment to put them back although he has said that any further cost-cutting measures with regard to the United States Postal Service won’t be implemented until after the November 3rd election.
So what if the Post Office loses money every year. Big fucking deal. It ain’t designed to be a money-making operation; it is meant to provide an essential service to the American people. I doubt whether the moron-in-chief really cares about the fact that the USPS runs on a deficit, he is simply using that argument to cover moves designed to put the boot to mail-in voting. It ain’t too far fetched to believe that he might otherwise care about the Post Office losing money since he has been running the country like a business. For instance, he wrongly asserts that when the US shows a deficit in its trade balance with another country, China for example, that the US is losing money to China which is simply not true. The entire Balance of Payments must be taken into account rather than just cherry picking one aspect of said Balance of Payments which, in its totality, may actually show a surplus as far as the USA is concerned.

Another mistake he makes is when he asserts that Canada actually pays the tariffs imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum for example. In actual fact, American businesses and consumers pay the increased prices to which the tariffs lead. For example, a twenty-five percent tariff placed on aluminum imported from Canada will cause the price of imported aluminum to rise by twenty-five percent. Granted that these monies will flow into the American treasury courtesy of the Canadian government but the price increase will be paid initially by American businesses which purchase the aluminum and finally by American consumers who are forced to pay higher prices for goods like cars and motorcycles which are manufactured using aluminum. To say that Canada pays the tariffs paints only part of the picture. I don’t really know what Trump thinks but regardless of that, he is misleading Americans as to who pays the tariffs. Add this lie to the more than 20,000 lies and misleading statements made by the American president since he assumed office in January 2017 gives one a pretty stark image of what the president is and how he behaves. Basically, he’s a total dumbass. End of story.

Peace out.


  • Matthew Friedman says:

    There will be no fair election in the United States and there will be no solution for Covid we are facing the end of the American democratic experiment and Donald Trump will declare martial law and remain an office regardless of the results of the election. There will be blood on the streets of America and the world will pay the price.

  • Jamel Elizabeth Jackson says:

    Excellent! I hope people vote him out, but the democrats have alienated the progressives, and their strategy is “bullying”. You can’t try to scare people into the voting booth, by threatening them with another term of Trump. Progressives understand that a politician has to “earn” a person’s vote, by adopting policies that will help them live a better life.People feel that their votes are wasted, so “why bother”? I’m afraid that democrats are going to lose this election, by not being open to listen to the progressives. The DNC, “locked them out” of the convention meetings. I’m sorry to say, the democratic party is dead, and so is our democracy..😢

    • Jerry Cohen says:

      Depends on what one’s priorities are I guess. Mine is to ensure that the moron-in-chief doesn’t get another term during which he may do irreparable harm to the fabric of American democracy. Perhaps the time is ripe to work on establishing a national progressive party with the word “progressive” in its name. Maybe you can get the Greens to change their name although that may not be the way to go if the Greens ain’t progressive enough all the way down the line. The Greens in Canada aren’t progressive except for their climate change views and policies.

  • Matthew Friedman says:

    Thanks, I always read your blog and I always try to respond. I hope that more people will weigh in. Biggest threat is trumps desire to turn the United States into a Stalinesque, dystopian ,
    authoritarian Kleptocracy .
    1 million deaths from Covid before it’s over maybe more the American economy in total ruin. There will probably be chaos and rioting on the streets met with overwhelming force and martial law. The only way out would be a military coup or outright revolution. Trump would never allow demonstrations to stop him.

  • Jerry Cohen says:

    I too wish more people would weigh in. Hint. Hint.

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