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Trump Really Sucks.

Another JuicyLesson from 🇨🇦 Jerry.

I can’t believe this. Trump and his wife as well as Kellyanne Conway, three Senators and the president of Notre Dame – all of whom having been present at the Rose Garden ceremony, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 due to their negligence and their general failure to take the virus seriously enough to wear masks and to socially distance.

But that’s not all. The lack of transparency coming out of the mouths of his doctors as well as emanating from the White House is earth-shattering to say the least. We haven’t been told and therefore don’t know how sick the president actually is nor when he was officially diagnosed due to the mixed messaging coming from various sources. It’s conceivable that Trump was diagnosed as much as seventy-two hours ago which would mean that he decided to go off to Minnesota for a campaign rally as well as running a fund raiser at his Bedminster property in New Jersey while being infected with the Coronavirus. At these two events, there was absolutely no social distancing and few masks in evidence and here was Trump, mouthing off and knowing that he was sick with the virus and obviously not giving a shit.

What a complete idiot. Just now, Sunday early evening, the moron-in-chief has just taken a little ride in a motorcade, waving to his supporters around Walter Reed, wearing a mask. Even with a contagious disease he wasn’t wearing a surgical mask, just a simple cloth mask. Was this a demonstration of Trump’s “strength” to both Americans and to foreign countries, both allies and adversaries? Who the fuck knows?

The latest poll shows the jerk in deep shit, trailing the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, by some fourteen percentage points (52% to 38%). Biden, for some reason, has decided to drop his attack ads on Trump for the next while. What a ridiculous move. He is just doing this to make himself look considerate rather to relieve Trump of any pressure created by these negative ads. Biden ain’t a winner in my book. He doesn’t know what he’s on about some of the time, this was particularly obvious during last Tuesday’s debacle of a debate in Cleveland. He did call Trump a clown, labeled him the worst president in U.S. history as well as telling the president to “shut up”. Some people have criticized Biden for doing these things, arguing that the president, due to his position, deserves respect. In my opinion, regardless of one’s position in society, respect has to be earned. When I was teaching school, I never expected automatic respect which I managed to earn, at least in the eyes of my students and those colleagues whom I myself respected.

Trump has learned a big fat zero from his continuing bout with the Coronavirus. He says that he’s feeling better than he did twenty years ago and he probably does due in part to the drug cocktail administered to him while he was at Walter Reed, which included steroids. The final proof that he’s learnt nothing was his dramatic removal of his mask when he reached the White House balcony upon his return from his three-day stay in hospital. It’s evident that the moron-in-chief doesn’t give a shit about anyone he may possibly infect with the virus which he still has. He cares only about photo ops for himself and that’s it. He should really have stayed in the hospital but failing that, he should be in quarantine for fourteen days but forget that. He has things to do, rallies to attend, regardless of his physical situation and that of others he will subject to possible infection while carrying on his daily life, attempting to portray himself as strong, smart and re-electable. Good luck with that, prick.

A couple of more things. I was actually horrified to hear that the Texas Governor has ordered the removal of drop boxes for mail-in ballots so that each of the counties in that state, regardless of its size, will be limited to one drop box, meaning that some people will have to travel great distances in order to vote by mail. Trump has accused the Democrats of cheating but I think that this guy should look in the mirror and see, reflected back at him, the biggest liar and cheater in the history of American politics. He is attempting to suppress the vote which is his only path to victory and this, needless to say, is totally unacceptable.

Finally, dig this disgusting possible scenario. First Trump gets Pence to resign and appoints his daughter, handbag girl, Ivanka, as vice-president. Then Trump himself gives up the presidency making Ivanka the new president. I think I’m gonna throw up.

Peace out and bye for now, dear readers.

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