Love to Learn, Learn to Love.

The Essential Truth, Ruth. Very Sad.

This former CIA officer’s secret life taught her one lesson: Listen to your enemy.
The exceptionally perceptive ex-CIA operative knows the truth.

But what can we do in our individual lives? Well, for starters, treat our fellow humans with the respect they deserve, accept everyone until/unless they show that they are not worthy of our acceptance and/or respect. Be generous. Give until it hurts, both monetarily and spiritually.

Be honest and genuine.

But as a group, and there are many more of us than there are of them, we are powerless, which is the sad part.
As long as we kill each other – both literally and figuratively – the spotlight is not where it should be.
Get it.
Got it.

Peace but not in my lifetime. It’s enough to make one weep.
Seriously, folks.

I love Obama and Bernie because they are honest and speak from the heart. When they say something, both say it with conviction, like they really mean it.

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