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Let’s see. First,is it a good thing that Mayor Corderre of Montreal has blasted the federal government for seeking to delay the pumping of raimagew sewage into the St. Lawrence River? Or not?


Corderre accused the Feds of playing politics over Montreal’s controversial plan to dump about 8 billion litres of untreated waste into the river.

It’s interesting to note that pre-election polls in this country have begun to trend towards Trudeau and the Liberals and away from Mulcaire’s NDP. I never have viewed Justin as that Prime Ministerial although the last time I heard clips of his electioneering, I must admit to being a little more impressed with his sense of gravitas. The fact that more people are apparently taking him seriously is obviously good for the Liberals and their chances in the election, to be held on October 19th, a measly week from tomorrow. Finally.

If you think the Canadian election campaign has been going on too long, imagine what it’s like in the Excited States where the Presidential election is still more than a year away and candidates have been going at it and each other for a good six months already, if not more. When lacking breaking news, the US media can always turn to their election campaign to see what’s happening and to extol its audience with the latest exploits of Hilary Clinton, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and numerous others as well as speculating on the political future of VP Joe Biden. Will he or won’t he throw his hat in the Democratic fight for the Presidential nomination? Seeing Biden recently, literally running around outdoors in a polo and slacks, greeting people, makes one think that he’s trying to prove to observers that even though he is already 72 years of age, he still has the stamina and energy to be the President of the world’s strongest nation.  [BELOW: Hilary and Joe: potential political opponents?]image

Biden has already engaged in Presidential runs twice before this, both weak-kneed attempts that ultimately failed. Miserably. He is also being accused of planting a story in the NY Times regarding his dying son’s wish, expressed to his dad, that he would like his father to run. More times than not, in interviews, Biden works in some statement or other about his son, who passed away about two months ago. What’s he trying to do? I would hasten a guess that Biden wants the Presidency and will file his papers before the deadline, provided, of course, that he can raise the bread. Head.

What else? The Bruins are not the team they once were. I’ve barely heard of any of their defence men except for Big Z, Zdeno Chara, all six feet-eight of him, thirty-eight years old, at the end of a Hall of Fame career, but injured and out of action. Boston lost its home opener and first game of this 2015/16 hockey season to, of all teams, the Winnipeg Jets, but they didn’t just lose. They were creamed by the Jets, shut out, 4-0. It’s looks like it’s gonna be a long season for Boston and their devoted, faithful fan base and you know something? I don’t care. Let ’em suffer.

Still in the sports domain, say good-bye to the Jays, who would have surprised only a few people had they gone to, and even won, the World Series of baseball. However, the way it looks now, the Jays are virtually done, having lost the first two games of their divisional playoff best-of-five series vs. the Texas Rangers at home, at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, no less! Now they’re in Arlington, waiting to resume their series, which will be happening Sunday.

What has happened to that vaunted Jays offence? With their recently acquired ace, pitcher David Price living down to his poor playoff performances in past years, combined with defensive errors and mental mistakes makes one wonder if the Toronto squad was ready for Texas. Or not. If they weren’t prepared, some of the blame, at least, must be placed on the shoulders of their easy-going manager, John Gibbons who, in answering a question from the media in the wake of the Game 2, fourteen inning loss, made the obvious remark that the Jays need a bunch of runs and fast. No kidding. Stupid question. Dumb answer.

Don Cherry. Believes that there is a conspiracy to ensure that Toronto doesn’t advance because, “they don’t want a Canadian team to win the World Series”. It’s everybody’s fault except the team itself, including the commissioner of MLB who decided to keep the  roof of Rogers Centre closed and, as everybody knows, and if they don’t, that jerk, Cherry is there to inform them of the fact that the Jays hit more home runs and win more games with the roof open. Incredible that anyone takes this jingoistic red neck seriously, in any way, shape or form.

Finally a comment on the Republican race for the Presidential nomination – Ben Carson, featured above, may be a neuro-surgeon but he’s evidently also a walking statement that intelligence may not be as important a pre-requisite to get a medical degree as I thought.

His argument that victims of mass murders in the United States may not have been victimized to the same extent if there were more armed people walking around and if these victims had decided to storm the attackers is, to say the least, questionable. Apparently Carson, himself, was once face to face with a gunman whom he told that he, the attacker, should be pointing the gun at the guy behind the bar who was in charge of the cash register.

In answer to the interviewer’s question about why he did that, putting another individual in real danger, he said that he knew that the gun man was there to rob the place, rather than shoot anyone. Nice guy, eh? Lovely.

That’s it; that’s all.

Shout-out to my fellow Mount Royal High School grads, class of 1965, as we prepare for our up coming reunion, with special mention to Barbara Spence (York) and Peter Marmorek.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be grateful for small mercies.


















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  1. “Q: What’s the difference between the Jays and the Raptors?
    A: The Jays are out in three and the Raptors are out in four.”

    My bro’ in BC

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