Racist Juice; Trump-sky

Above : Featured are me and my friend, Annell, in front of the hotel in Charleston, SC. An excellent person who, unfortunately, quit the job and going to work on maintenance at Walmart. I plan to go there today, Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 to say hi, weather permitting.

What’s on my mind is Greg, a born and bred Virginian, whom I met this aft in Charleston, SC. He’s a Trump supporter to the end and won’t desert him, no matter what, because, according to him, the chief executive – remember that Donald, you are part of the executive branch of the US government, not part of either of the other two branches – the legislative branch which is supposed to laws, the Senate and the House of Representatives – or the judicial branch which is charged with interpreting laws to judge them as constitutional or ultra vires, in other words, unconstitutional – is doing his best to make the US a better country.
Sure as hell he is.A2DCDA17-5DE8-444E-80F9-E01A203532DB
In the latter case, the judges simply declare the law unconstitutional and out it goes.

Thank God for the American – and Canadian, and others, systems which in fact give the supposedly non-partisan bench the right to do so.

Why do I bring this up? Cuz Trump doesn’t seem to understand the principle behind this division of power. It ain’t up to him to attempt to subvert the system, no matter what. Every time he tweets or says negative stuff about the Department of Justice and law enforcement, he demonstrates both his wilful ignorance and his conniving ways, sly fox that he thinks he is.89B7938F-9740-4EAE-A6A0-C45DB853DB52 Or maybe, just maybe, he’s not dumb at all. Instead it is entirely possible that Trump is an ignorant and dangerous fuckhead who think he knows what he’s doing. Please perish that particular thought. God forbid.

Law enforcement’s job is to enforce the law so the FBI is outside the realm of the aforementioned 3 branches.

What does Trump want? I am firmly convinced that he could, he would subvert the entire system of government and become a dictator. He has most definitely undermined the perception of the US’s America’s position as a global “beacon of democracy”, if it ever was regarded as such. I really don’t know but Americans certainly believed it, firmly, being as
in terms of their political culture as they are.

Below are Dylann Roof, murderer of nine black people in a North Carolina church, and Mahatma Gandhi, The Great Soul and espouser of Ahimsa and Satygraha – “non-violence” and “passive resistance”, respectively.

Well, that’s gone now. Either Trump doesn’t realize what he has “accomplished” or he simply doesn’t care.

Now to the subject of this post. I had an interesting conversation with this guy Greg, who referred to himself as being from the south, south of the Mason-Dickson Line which divided the country into Yankees and Confederates during the era of the Civil War (1861 to 1865). Geographically, Virginia is NOT part the south which starts in North Carolina and even that’s stretching it – pun unintended – and runs through South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, but that’s not the point.

The point is this: The guy stated that he hates niggers – his word – and when I asked him if he classified himself as a racist, he answered in the affirmative, keeping his voice down because Bonita, a black friend of mine, was close enough to hear.

I have known Bonita for a while and decided to share this information with her, because this guy had filled in an application for maintenance work at the hotel that I’m staying in and where Bonita works. One of my other friends, Annell, has left her job to work as a maintenance person at Walmart in Charleston. Disappointed.

After sharing the facts of the guy’s racist attitude, what does Bonita say? She says “rip it up”, referring to the application that Greg had filled in a submitted. Way to go Bonita.

I actually enjoyed our chat which must have lasted some fifteen minutes or so. He’s an affable guy, actually, and when he stopped taking things with which I was challenging him with, personally, the chat went well. I saw the devotion of his base which will not be undone. When we split up, I say bye and his response was moving. “I hope you are not offended by what I was saying”. “No problem”, was my answer, with words to the effect that we had had a chat based on “principle” rather than on “personality”, and thus that I was not offended even though when things got tense at the start of our dialogue that he had this to say. He actually scared me slightly when he asked why the fuck I was in the States when I hated it so much and that I should go back to Canada. My answer were words to the effect that I liked the climate during winter months and that I also liked the people here, helpful, kind and complimentary re. my bike.

That changed the tone of our chat.
A now dead female has just shot up the YouTube HQ, in San Bruno, CA. There were people wounded.





Peace. We need some. Right now.

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  1. That’s a long, thoughtful and interesting statement, Jerry with some very good points made. Your experience with this racist character shows the deep extent of US racism and associated Trumpism.These types will never be convinced of anything negative about Trump and the terrible danger he is to the country and even the world. It’s not his type that will bring change but the thousands of people especially women in the suburbs and cities who are deeply motivated to organize, mobilize and vote this horrible monster out of office!

  2. I really do believe that the good people everywhere will prevail. Not all will live to see this happen but , in the long run, this will be so. You have pictured two good people and only one very angry, probably quite frightened, nasty one. Perhaps you made a slight dent into his hard heart. BTW…The sight of Gandhi and Annell make even this cold rainy day here, sunny. (Love the funnies too.)

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