Lesson #59: Rob Ford … Embarrassing, depressing and more

Rob Ford … Embarrassing, depressing and more, a whole lot more

I thought I was done with Rob Ford; I really did. However some shocking new comments by the Toronto mayor beg the question concerning the depths to which any human being can sink, let alone someone entrusted with the mayoralty of Canada’s largest city. By failing to resign and seek help, the train wreck which is Rob Ford has shown that he believes that this whole thing will blow over and that he can continue to be Toronto’s boss as if nothing untoward has happened. Very realistic, Robbie baby. False that!

Ford has obviously been seriously affected by the constant questions from the media, the on-going police investigation into his behaviour, and by comments made about him by Canadian, American and global media, entertainers, and politicians with a bone to pick. The stress that Ford is under must be amazing. All we have to do is think of the stress we as individuals have had to confront in relation to mistakes we have made at home and at work and yet, for the most part, our trials and tribulations have remained largely private, unlike Ford’s which have become increasingly public. Everyone knows what has transpired and every time he opens his mouth, he inflames the situation even more. The guy doesn’t even know how or when to shut up for fuck sakes. What a total idiot he is. A real fool. The court jester.

Ford has been going through his public hell off and on since last May when the Toronto Star reported that a video showing the mayor actually smoking crack had been viewed by a couple of reporters who were willing to vouch for its authenticity. Incredibly, even though this video has not yet surfaced for public consumption, the stress has still been ratcheted up and become more constant over the last ten days or so, in the wake of that first video, the one showing the Toronto mayor pissing in public and leaving two empty vodka bottles in a school parking lot as well as meeting and apparently getting drugs from his driver, the latter having been charged with extortion related to his efforts to get his hands on the first video – the one showing the mayor purportedly doing crack – so as to save his boss a great deal of trouble. Though not huge or ineradicable stains on the man’s character, but certainly actions which caused people to ask what the mayor is up to, who he spends time with and, most importantly, if he is fit to continue in office.

Then there was the video which showed Ford on a rant about killing someone. That remarkable and unforgettable clip sees HizzHonour saying he was going to kill the “motherfucker” and stating as well that he would rip this person’s throat out and poke his eyes out and that he would need only fifteen minutes to ensure that the “racist prick” was indeed dead. The context in which this video was shot and who shot it remain unclear for the most part.*

Then there’s the aforementioned infamous video which appears to show Ford smoking crack which has yet to be seen by the public at large. I don’t know if Ford’s brand can be damaged any further in the aftermath of his admissions a mere two days ago I believe it was that he has smoked crack, purchased illegal drugs and that he drinks too much.

All these things coming so closely on the heels of each other have obviously caused Ford to crack, pun intended, as can be seen by today’s video. In it Ford is rambling on about various things such as the legal action he is about to take against two or three people including a Toronto waiter who has claimed that the mayor was doing lines on his table at the Beer Market. This clip also shows Ford, dressed in a Toronto Argonaut jersey, unequivocally stating that he would never eat someone’s “pussy” because he has more than enough to eat at home.

God help him and us. How freaking embarrassing.

Holy fuck! How low does he have to sink before he steps away from his job at City Hall and gets the help he needs? Just to be fair to Ford, I must mention the apology he offered, about two hours after this video was shot, with his wife at his side. Even there we see a man in obvious distress saying that this day had been the worst of his life except for that on which his father died. The guy is obviously in full flounder mode and will say anything to try to weasel his way out of the really bad predicament he – and only he – has gotten himself into and for which he has only himself to blame.
Come on Mr. Ford! Do the right thing. End this ridiculous and embarrassing mess and get the counselling you so obviously need before you end up doing time.

*See JuicyLesson #53, Friday, November 8/13, ‘Ford’s Rant’.
Have a good weekend.
Peace out.

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