Lesson #53: Rob Ford caught in video

Step Down Rob

First check out the video in my most recent post if you haven’t already seen it.

Today’s JuicyLesson is a commentary on the Rob Ford rant video which I posted both on Facebook and on my blog (www.ajuicylessonperday.net). On my blog it is entitled: Rob Ford’s Dope – and Drink – Fuelled Fucking Rant.

I believe that the Toronto mayor should step down and get help. Whether he steps down permanently or just takes a leave is up to him, I guess, since he doesn’t to be too concerned what his councillors, demonstrators or the population at large – both inside and outside the city – think. Appearances to the contrary, as a human being, he must care about what people think of him – most of us do unfortunately – but apparently he doesn’t care enough to let this govern his behaviour.

Yesterday (Thursday) he stated that he was embarrassed by the video and that he was okay with the rest of the world seeing it. What choice does he have in that regard?People are fascinated by his behaviour, they’re going to be talking about it and there’s nothing that Ford can do about that so he might as well say that he’s okay with it whether it’s the truth or not.

I believe that he should step aside because his behaviour in the video has proven that he is a violent and, by extension, an untrustworthy person, and as such is not equipped, character-wise, to be the mayor of any place, whether it’s a huge city like Toronto or a small burgh. Some of what he says in the video clip is not only incredible but also shows that he possesses a brutally aggressive streak which does not become any holder of public office. I have done a lot of drugs in my life – including coke but never crack – and have never “gone off” like that. He talks about murdering some “motherfucker”, ripping out his throat and poking out his eyes. Unbelievably violent. He appears to need some sort of psychological help, and must step down and get it.

When the first video came out, the one showing the mayor urinating in public among other things, Ford apologized but said that he would not stop drinking and that it would be unrealistic (to believe that he could). He is an alcoholic and a drug addict; first he should admit that to himself and then get into a twelve-step programme, something he cannot do while continuing in as mayor. At this point an apology and a promise not to repeat that type of behaviour is not enough. Far from it. Please take a break, Mr. Ford.

Peace. Have a good weekend.

Habs suck.

Go Alouettes.

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