JuicyLesson 312 : Juicies Winding Down … Reflections … Pics Capturing Some of the Essence of New York … Heart Provides the Music …

Today is JuicyLesson 312 in a series of 314 which series is set to finish this coming Tuesday, September 9th, 2014, marking the one year anniversary for my Juicy Lessons, which began with JuicyLesson #1, posted on my Facebook page on September 9th, 2013.

My Juicy Lesson goals were to produce one JL per day, minus one day off per week – Shabbat – for an entire year. My second goal which, admittedly surfaced only following the site’s launch that particular aim being to get 1000 sessions/visits minimum per month, an average of between 33 and 34 a day for a seven-day week which is why I pretty much avoided taking Saturdays off in the end.

Google Analytics doesn’t care how many times per week I produced a JuicyLesson – there must be a way of making allowances for anomolies like that in terms of my production schedule but I ain’t got the time to find out what it is – so I was confronted with the following dilemma: either stop taking Saturdays off so that I didn’t have to include a measly ten to fifteen hits I would normally get on a nothing Saturday in my weekly calculations, or continue taking Saturdays off, thereby possibly making the achievement of my second(ary) goal improbable to say the least, impossible to say the most. Guess which one I chose. Actually you don’t have to guess; the final sentence in the preceding paragraph provides the answer to this question.

This is actually my 334th post including One-off Saturdays along with a few other extras, some of which were made necessary by technical glitches in the WordPress system or difficulties getting some of my posts up on Facebook.

Ah yes. Facebook. I used that social medium for my posts exclusively until I got my site up and running through Word Press and Aron Black, my website designer and master. I found Aron to be not only easy to work with most of the time – who is easy to work with all of the time – but he’s also a very nice guy with a well-developed sense of humour – I say that because Mr. Black found me amusing and laughed when I cracked wise, again most of the time and again I find the following question on the tip of my tongue: who would always laugh at anyone else’s jokes, wisecracks, whatever, all of the time?

Anyway, after about three weeks of posts on Facebook, I began using my website at www.AJuicyLessonPerDay.net in addition to posting on Facebook. I am presently on 1017 visits/sessions, so barring an unforeseen circumstance and the Lord willing, I will complete my series of JL’s on Tuesday with the requisite number of visits or more, so as to be able to fulfill goal #2.

More of my reflections tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday as I approach and finally attain the end-point of the “Per Day” part of my site; I have plans to put out more Juicies in future, after Tuesday next at any rate, when I feel like it and/or when I feel that there’s something that needs saying.

To finish this JuicyLesson, let’s see more Mattray’s New York pics as well as what he calls snap videos, a new art form for him. Thanks, man. Your input is appreciated both for its intrinsic value as well as for allowing me to produce some of my Juicies with a little less effort, and therefore, also, with slightly less stress.

Above: Check out this guy doing some old school dancing on the Boardwalk along the Jersey shore, that area decimated by Hurricane Sandy in 2011.

Above: Tap dancers using their feet as percussion instruments on 14th St., Union Square. I never heard this before they attracted quite a crowd, pretty big ensemble. Got to give him a dollar.

Above: Buskers (street musicians) performing in a NYC subway station.

Above: Rev. Billy ‘s occupy chorus. Pretty professional snappy group. Mattray says, “I like this tune” called ‘Freedom Waits’.

Now for some stills from the world famous Coney Island (at least among the informed).

Below: Iconic Nathans famous. Same place our grandfathers and great-grandfathers got their coneys (that’s what hotdogs were called back in the day).

Below: The brand new Thunderbolt which was once an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster. Note the almost vertical drop.

Below: The beach and amusements as seen from atop the wonder wheel, Coney Island-Brooklyn, New York.

Below: The Parachute Jump – the most famous Coney Island landmark.

A demain.


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  1. Hope ya all enjoy the glimpses of the big apple. The jumpinist action packed capital of the world. The city that never sleeps. It’s been a hot summer!!! Any friend of Jerry’s that shows up in New York is a friend of mine… Gets a free tour!! Call me..

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