JuicyLesson 285 : Weed Does Not Cause Lung Cancer! Weed Does Not Cause Lung Cancer … A History of Insider Attacks in Afghanistan and Action Taken by the U.S.A. to Prevent So-Called “Green-On-Blue” Attacks …

This three-minute clip is interesting. It deals with a brief history of militants attacking American forces in Afghanistan, from the inside. In at least one incident, the murderer of American troops turned out to be a person whom the Americans regarded as an ally and whom they, themselves, had actually trained.

Our featured clip today also shows some training methods used to ready people to carry out attacks of this nature. Does the man clipping barbed wire look like he knows what he’s doing? Or not?

One more thing on the subject of medicinal pot and weed in general in terms of whether or not grass (and hash), if consumed by smoking, is carcinogenic.

The short answer is “No”. Weed smoked on its own cannot cause cancer according to the study pointed to by a reader. (See Monday’s Juicy Lesson [283] for the link; personally, I haven’t had sufficient time to read this so-called land-mark report, but I have complete trust in the aforementioned person who supplied the link in the first place).

My statement to the contrary, that smoking dope can cause cancer is wrong; it was derived from the story of my British friend Joc, who passed away fairly recently as a result of lung cancer and, as far as I knew at the time I found out about her passing, Joc only smoked weed, with little if any tobacco consumption. Must have been second-hand smoke that nailed her. Too bad.

Finally, I offer my sincere apologies for “doing a disservice to the movement”. Gimme a freaking break, man.

Have a look at the study by clicking on that link in JuicyLesson 283.

Signing off with help from Head of the Herd and “Ain’t my day”.

That’s it for today.

A JuicyLesson of the short but enticing kind. I hope so, anyway.

Peace. Out.

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