Juicy Lesson 278 : Motherless Children; a Story of Honduran Refugees Attempting to Enter the USA Accompanied by Eric Clapton Live Doing “Motherless Children” … Another TSN Top Ten …

Somewhat surprised as to the small number of hits on yesterday’s JuicyLesson on our experiences in Ganonoque, Ontario, in general, and at the Thousand Island Casino which is located in that town, specifically. I thought the subject matter was interesting and I included a few photos to spice things up, but to no avail.

Today, I have a video highlighting the awful plight of this group of Honduran immigrants who had traveled overland from Honduras for nine days prior to crossing the Rio Grande, the body of water separating Mexico from the United States. Our clip today focuses on a little girl hoping to find her mom in South Carolina. Pretty heart-wrenching story about what desperation can make people do.

These “immigrants”, desperate for a better life, basically left Honduras with only what they could carry. Their story most certainly tugs at the heart strings. One gets the feeling that the poor little girl who’s traveling alone will have to be very lucky to be able to locate her missing mother. Not described in our piece are the circumstances surrounding the mother’s leaving and the split from her daughter in the first place.


Also today, I have a TSN Top Ten for you with the funniest ESPY moments as well as Clapton’s “Motherless Children”.

Peace out.

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