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JuicyLesson 269: This live version of Foreigner’s “Luanne” really, rocks … Israel in future may have its own “Sophie’s Choice”, an incredibly unpleasant and difficult option, too dastardly to even contemplate … A Compliment from Mike Hazan; Beautiful, Just Beautiful With Sincere Gratitude … Harley Har Har [With All Due and Diligent Respect]; Prices With Pics From VISION …

First off I have to beg your forgiveness while apologizing for straying from my stated intention in Wednesday’s “Juicy” [268] to present something on Maradonna’s opinion on Messi receiving the Golden Boot as well as news from a rioting Argentina and a celebrating Germany. Not gonna happen today, at least, and most likely not forever as the World Cup fades further into history with every passing day.

Next we have a racy little number from Foreigner with “Luanne”. Only thing I can say negatively about this cut, is that it ends too fast which is a nice way of saying it’s too freaking short. As a matter of fact at a meagre 3:28, it is the second shortest cut on the entire, most impressive Foreigner “4”. The live version I have for you guys today is a tiny bit longer and a lot more exciting than the studio version “video”. This live version of “Luanne” really, really rocks.

A Comment on Israel and Israelis presently living Ba’aretz:
The details are not important although Israelis, by the very fact that they alone, by their very presence, have secured a refuge for all Jews in case – God truly and totally and completely forbid – something catastrophic occurs, like another holocaust. Because of the people living Baaretz now, we have a safe place to go, if we require one, at some future point in time.

Two questions: Is there enough land so that an Israeli population five to ten times its present size can comfortably live?

If no, what would Israel do.Only two meaningful choices here 1) Take over land from surrounding countries to accommodate the immigrants?

(2) Turn some of us away which I can’t believe Israel would ever do, provided that we émigrés are not demonized by the population of Israel “pre”. (“Where were these people before when WE needed THEM? Did they donate to our cause? Did they volunteer military service when we were attacked by our neibiurs?

Now THEY need US. We’ll have to think about that.)


Thursday’s Tour of Vision yielded the following bikes: Pics with some prices











Now from Mike Hazan this heart-warming tribute to Bialik and me:


I’m glad I am able to add fodder to your juicies.

My dialogue with ***** was an obvious attempt at humour.

My Bialik boys and I had a great discussion regarding the ***** Incident. We got into a great debate regarding the buttoned-down approach of Bialik vs. your gun-slinging methods. It was clear to us then that you and the administration would clash not only because of your devotion to the union, but also due your teaching methods and “tell it like it is attitude”.

Sidebar: when we last spoke I told you that I am where I am thanks to your teaching. Here is my statement:

You and I both know that at Bialik I was a smart and capable kid who didn’t apply myself.

It was only in Grade 9 when I began to apply myself because I found courses that I actually enjoyed. Other than English, the courses that I enjoyed at Bialik were World History, Law, Economics and Canadian History…as well as Tanach and Jewish History. (history in different forms).

It is why I completed an arts degree at Marianopolis, a joint history and politics degree at McGill, a journalism degree at Concordia and two law degrees at McGill.

I guess you can say that those aforementioned courses/classes in Bialik formed the foundation for my education and why I am where I am today.

Jerry – you made classes interesting and entertaining. Why? Because you cared about educating your students, as well as challenging us to apply ourselves and engage in the material. While you were left-leaning and still are, you still allowed your students to be heard no matter what our political stripes.

I found the material interesting which is why I continued studying it and not just superficially.

So, thank you for preparing every day, making the classes engaging and enjoyable. I doubt I would be where I am today without your guidance and caring.

I can say for certain that you were one of the few teachers at Bialik that cared about my well-being both inside and outside the classroom.

Thanks for everything!


All I can say to you Michael, is thank-you. Very. Very. Much.
Respectfully with affection,
Judge & Jerry.

Have a good and interesting weekend and for those of you on holiday, I wish you peace, fine times and excellent weather wherever you’re trip-pin’.

May have something for you tomorrow even if it is my day off.

Peace. Love.


  • Matthew Friedman says:

    As a novice to futbol I enjoyed your commentary and photos of World Cup. It was a great tournament. I miss the energy. Thanks for your insights.
    Events in the world are quite troubling. Hostage crises in Africa and elsewhere, unrest in Syria and Iraq and now Israel-Gaza followed by Malaysian Airlines downing. What next?

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