JuicyLesson 256 : Early Stones … Their Story (1967 to 1969) … Early Rolling Stoners

Under Review: 1967 to 1969
“The Death of the Dream”

It wasn’t she loves you, love, love, love, all you need is love, not that type of music or thing at all.

The Rolling Stones’ moment arrived as the Sixties were just drawing to a close as were the dreams born of peace, love and flower power. In their place came the realization that the system was here to stay and that the freak revolution was never going to happen … “Gimme Shelter”** was what was going to happen … this whiff of reality occurred just about simultaneously with the release of two of the Stones best discs from the early years – “Beggars Banquet” and “Let it Bleed.” ** off the “Let it Bleed” album, released after the death of founding and eventually fired member of the group, Brian Jones. Jones was replaced by Mick Taylor who first appeared with the rest of the Stones on that same seminal album. Mick, who still plays with the Stones on tour sometimes, quit the band after only two years and was, himself, replaced by present band member, Ronnie Woods.

Bassist Bill Wyman left the group around 15 years ago.

The Original Rolling Stones. Are you ready? The greatest rock and roll band in the world so get yer Ya Ya’s Out. Above from the left: Drummer Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, Bassist Bill Wyman, lead guitarist Keith Richards and, last but not least, guitarist Brian Jones.

Enjoy this most excellent video. Take the time, please. It is really excellent, text and photos of the young Rolling Stones, c.1970. I can’t believe how young Mick looks. My goodness. (Did I just say “my goodness”. Holy sheet.)

One thing. For I guess copyright reasons, the last nine minutes or so of the video are black. Most of the black-out occurs during discussion of the murder at the Stones’ concert at the Altamont Speedway in California in 1969. This proved to be a watershed event marking the beginning of the end of the Sixties, both literally and figuratively speaking. Too bad. So sad. Some of us, however, never cease to try to provoke change for the better in this era of the social and electronic media. Tough challenge, I’ll tell you, especially as we keep moving forward, further into the returning era of “I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine.” The more things change…

Imagine a world at peace. No war. No death. Just peace. Why not? It’s because the capitalist system and the establishment that goes with it is so firmly entrenched, that it will take a violent movement of one sort or another to change things up. People would have to die. It’ll be a kill or be killed type of thing.

It would be impossible to overthrow the system with the military and the military-industrial complex opposing this change and it is unimaginable that the men in charge, and make no mistake about it – men are still in charge – would surrender their positions of wealth and influence in the interests of creating a more just and peaceful society. Those who have always benefited from injustice which apparently reigns supreme, will continue to do so at our expense.

And now for those of you not interested enough in the Stones to watch the video, here are some pics from the Canada Day soccer game between Belgium and the United States. Final score: Belgium 2; USA 1. Note: quarterfinal wins for Bouchard in the women’s singles and Milos Ronic in the men’s at Wimbledon. First time a Canadian man has reached the semis at the Wimbledon Championships since 1908! Go. GO. GO!





Above: Belgium’s midfielder Kevin De Bruyne (R) scores Belgium’s (in red) first goal during a Round of 16 football match between Belgium and USA at Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 1, 2014. (PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Peace. Really.

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  1. Love the Stones, saw them twice. As for B. Dylan, he sounds drunk when he sings and makes me want to take a nap. lol. Sorry Bob, but i preferred you in the Traveling Wilburys when you were not singing. Id rather listen to Roy Orbison any day.

  2. You’re fucking drunk, man, and I’m fucking stoned and so what? Dylan is one cool dude, exceptional in every way, a pure musical and literary genius. Have you read his most recent book. I don’t recall the title at the moment but it’ll get to my brain in a while, hopefully. It had something like vol. 1 in the title.

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