JuicyLesson 244: Heroes and Zeroes with Matching Music From David Bowie …

Here we go with another of my infamous “Heroes and Zeroes” JuicyLesson. Enjoy this JL as it is accompanied by David Bowie’s classic track.

Re. My lawn mower – got a new gas one but the new charger I purchased (actually Sabu ripped it off) seems to be working. I plan to sell my electric mower. A year old, $150.00. Interested? Please contact me.

As for my IBM laptop the news is mixed. On the negative side, I need a new hard drive and since I have been informed that it may take a month for the hard drive to come in, depending on where it has to be ordered from, I now plan to get a new computer.

On the positive side, my files, most of them anyway, can be recovered. The only problem is I don’t as yet know how long this file recovery will take. Good things come to those who wait.

Heroes: Wayne Rooney and England who put on a very good show before bowing out to Italy, Robin Van Pierse, Robben and the rest of the Dutch team for their convincing victory over defending champion Spain, who after their loss to Chile on Wednesday, will be on their way home after their next game, the final match in the group stage of what so far has been a superlative World Cup, Eric Kirshner, Danny Sparks, Nihat Aliyev, Keypur, Chad Johnson and the rest of the Als as they ready themselves for their first season in the post-Calvillo era, Janet Tarasofsky, Jonny Lang, Lorne Lann, Benjie Levine, the four Jeremy’s – Richler, Costin, Frank and Cymet, Greg and Benita Isenberg, Jamie Frank, Elana Fogel, Troy Smith, A.J. Greene, Brendan Gallagher, Carey Price, Dusten Topkarski, P.K. Subban, Andrei Markov, Marc Bergevin, Michel Therrien, Kathleen Cawthorn, Martha and Mary Krohn, Paul Shaviv and his lively and lovely wife Michelle Stein, Jacqueline Wall, Sarah Low, Pierre Moussette, Jenny Gauvin, Judy Stein, Jean-Yves Methot, Lysie Desrochers, Jon Clenman, Kenny Weinstein, Gary Mangel, Josh Silverstone, the two Jeff’s – Itcush and Karp, Eli, Sandy, Shira and Eric Kogut, Bob Nathan, Hilton Ruggles (RIP), Philipp Ruggles, Joe-Joe, Darren Rosen, Jonathan Lazar, Jacob, Leah, Karen and Hershey the dog, Suzie Epelbaum, Nissen Chackowitz, the first place Toronto Blue Jays with their offensive stars Bautista, Encarnacion, Cabrera, and Brett Lawrie, the Washington Nationals, Milos Ronic, Gas et Jo, Eugenie Bouchard, Charles Hamelin, Anthony Calvillo, the Los Angeles Kings, Oz and Hannah Eliashiv, Gilles Duceppe, Thomas Mulcair, a great friend and ex-student Darren Rosen, and last but not least the Ottawa Redblacks, the newest franchise in our own Canadian Football League.

Zeroes: the New York Rangers and their fans who bowed out to the Kings in five games to lose the Stanley Cup, Ronnie Altman, Chad Levitt, Shira Levitt, Noah Zucker, Barry Olivenstein, the Atlanta Braves, the Toronto Argonauts, Sheldon Weinstein, Elaine Wisenthal-Milech, Sid Milech, Deborah Marshall, David Silverstone-Hunter who has become a real tool over the years, in my opinion anyway, Roz Pinker, Raizel Candib, Paula Cohen, Jacqueline Chevalier, Tyrell Owens, Rob Ford, Michael Applebaum (Remember him?), Tony Acurso, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Porter – alleged fraudsters and thieves as well as money launderers, the BQ and it’s new leader “bring on the clowns” Beaulieu, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Rick Nash, Josh Gorges, Steven Stamkos, David Samson, Mr. Jeffrey Loria et M. Claude Brochu, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Tim Thomas, Thomas Vanek, Maria Sharapova, Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Mac Harb, and finally but most definitely the Republican Tea Party and everything that this group of small-minded fascists stands for.

Peace. Out. Until demain.


3 responses to “JuicyLesson 244: Heroes and Zeroes with Matching Music From David Bowie …”

  1. Cool, I made the list!

    Jerry, I was thinking about the great notes you used to give us for Canadian History (which really was most of the work). Do you by any chance have a digitized version of them? I wouldn’t mind reviewing my Canadian history.


    • Nope. Sorry. Actually, yes. My 2002 IBM Thinkpad just died and Woody Burns is in the process of recovering my files. If he does, I have all my notesqq from January 2004 on, including geo., law, history – Canadian and World, English, Math, Economics. If you’re serious about this Mr. C., I’ll be more than happy to provide you with whatever you want. Allow me to suggest World History which was and is, as Western Civ. which it is now called, very interesting and informative. It tackles modern world history from the British Industrial Revolution on. Take care, Jon C.

  2. Jon C;
    My files have been recovered and my new desk top – I’m so excited should be up and running by Saturday. What would you like me to send you? Starting with New France or the Industrial Revolution – the former the History of Quebec and Canada, the latter related to the course in World History? Nothing much ” happens” during the Industrial Revolution except for technological and socio-political changes. On second thought, that’s quite a lot happening,actually, but it’s not action-packed like the 60’s for example were, but the IR set the stage in a number if different ways for a lot of what we see today in what has been classified as post-Industrial society. Your desire to learn reflects nicely on both of us, wouldn’t you say, M. Jon C? Your comments are appreciated: just keep them coming if you have the time and inclination to do so.

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