JuicyLesson 233: Proud to Play … Justin Trudeau Screws Up, Big Time … Murders in Moncton … D-Day’s 40th Anniversary …

Nelson Mandela said it all when discussing the influence that sports has the ability to exert on people and the societies that they inhabit. “Sport has the ability to unite us … to offer hope where there was previously only despair.”

As far as Justin Trudeau is concerned, what a tool. In the wake of that horrible tragedy in Moncton all he could come up with was a fucking tweet. Three RCMP officers have been murdered, two others seriously wounded, and whereas Stephen Harper, the PM, as well as the Mayor of Moncton, and the leader of the opposition, Thomas Mulcair, all made statements demonstrating compassion and empathy for the wounded and the families of the dead, Trudeau issues a tweet.
‘Nuff said.

Moncton is in lock-down as police comb the area looking for the alleged shooter, still at large, believe it. Or not. Not as bad as in Sweden where many years ago, the Swedish Prime Minister, Olaf Palme was assassinated by a lone gunman who is still at large. Imagine this happening in Canada or the USA. Never.

Jase B. Before scurrying off to check to see if I got the facts right, please check out this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olof_Palme#Assassination

Today, June 6th, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied landings in Northern France, in Normandy on Omaha Beach, in 1944, the beginning of the end for fucking Nazi Germany and the rest of the Axis. It was the Allies (England, France, Russia, and later the USA) vs. the Axis (Germany, Japan and until 1943, Italy, which switched sides after Mussolini, his gf, and another guy were murdered by an Italian mob, strung up upside down in a square in Rome and then disembowelled, and left hanging there. Just lovely.) The thousand-year Reich had lasted less than fifteen.

Check out D-Day photos:

These nations called themselves the Axis because the Germans, Italians and Japanese believed that they would win the war after which these countries would represent the axis upon which the rest of the world would turn. Ya. Tell me about it.

Want to read some touching and well done poetic prose that aims for the heart, check out my friend Brenda Keesal’s blog, “Burns the Fire”. It’s worth it. Like it on FB because I know you will. This is one helluva talent.


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  1. This comes from a student.
    As for your ‘3 months to go’ – yah, right … As if you will be able to stop. Something tells me deep down you love it. Why? Because people are listening!!!!! No matter who tries to shoot your ideas or your opinions down, you matter. That’s the biggest lesson you are teaching everyone – Say it and don’t give a shit if they don’t like it.

    • Just read over your comment and thought that that’s not exactly the lesson that I am teaching, that “I matter”. I know I matter but only care about “mattering” to family and good friends like you.
      Got nothing else on this. For now.

  2. My answer: Right. Learnt that from you at the beginning. I have to stop after a year, man. The pressure to produce is enormous. I will come back for the occasional lesson, maybe one a week, AJuicyLessonPerWeek4Life.net?

    • Not certain … either during this summer or in a year. It all depends on whether I want to publish it as is with another book planned later; alternatively, there could be lots of work to do on this book which would take about another year. Sure hope I live that long and thanks for your interest. Remember this: this door is made from particle board and covered with veneer, cough cough.

  3. Maybe the person who wrote that comment was being specific on the compliment and generalizing on the lesson part.

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