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JuicyLesson 225: Fear and Loathing … Don Cherry Strikes Again … Habs Win! Habs Win! … Stay-in’ Alive …

So far, so good. Habs on goals by Galchenyuk on a deflection of a power-play point shot by PK and Plekanec with one that King Henrik should have stopped, lead the Rangers 2-1 at the end of the first period in this do-or-die game for the Canadiens.

Just listened to Don Cherry’s jingoistic inter-period tribute to a Habs fan, killed in his second tour of duty – overseas I think but I’m not sure of exactly where – I am sorry this poor young guy, from Montreal no less, has been lost but Cherry’s nationalist speeches would play better if he were an American. Get the hell out of here, Don. You are an asshole, complete and whole. A whole hole, if you will. You know nothing of open-minded intelligent criticism, you’re an ignorant boor, a national embarrassment, provincially, at least.

Camouflaging your racist, white bread approach to life, with your outrageous glorification of the military, if you knew any better you’d be ashamed of yourself. You are good at tear-jerking, ya huge jerk, I’ll say that for ya.

Some Canadien should take Vanek aside after Period 2 and punch him in the face. What the fuck is he doing out there? Rangers scored three goals in a period of slightly under 4 1/2 minutes to tie the game at four. Derek Stepan – he of the broken jaw – has come back with a vengeance, scoring twice for the Blueshirts.

At this point, the Habs finally scored on Talbot, the “King’s” replacement – it took them a few minutes to get a scoring chance on this new playoff-inexperienced (one game vs. Philly) goalie while going into a five-minute funk and allowing the Rangers to knot the score but this team, this team who has been finding a way to win all year, finally did – get a scoring chance, that is – with Bourque burying his second of the night. Habs now lead 5-4 with a minute to go in the second period.

End of the second period. Has someone hit Vanek yet? Punched him in the face that is, either to wake him up or put him out of commission? Granted he came through during the season after being acquired late, but has done little which is memorable in these playoffs, under-achieving against the Bruins and not showing up at all vs. NY. Screw you, you’re lazy and only care in fits and starts.

Bourque just deflected a point shot off the post to Talbot’s right, barely missing potting his third of this hectic, exciting, and as yet undecided night.

Habs do increase their lead to two goals, finally, and it’s Bourque completing his hat trick, taking a pass from Dale Weisz, breaking in on Talbot, and beating the Ranger goalie with a shot just inside the left goal post. Habs 6; NYR 4.

With a little more than twelve minutes left in the third period, Gorges has taken a penalty. If the Canadiens can weather this storm, that could be the game?? Tokarski and Frankie B. have each blocked shots so far in this very effective NYR power play.

Bouillon adds to the Canadiens woes, taking a second penalty on top of Gorges’, with thirty-three seconds left in the latter’s penalty time. Tokarski robs the Rangers with Stepan on his doorstep at the same time that Gorge’s penalty comes to an end.

Toker also takes one away from Rick Nash as Bouillon’s penalty winds down. It looks like the Canadiens will get a five-minute power play, which will help the cause because John Moore, in addition to getting a major penalty, gets himself thrown out of the game for a vicious open-ice hit on Mr. Weise, very similar to Prust’s hit on Stepan which broke the latter’s jaw in Game 3. Prust was suspended for three games for that hit as will be Moore for his. Weisz, by the way, was able to return to the ice after missing a couple of shifts.

Eight and a half minutes left. Centre Bell is rocking. Hope Eric and Ben are enjoying our tickets. Two minutes left in the NY major penalty and with about six minutes left in the period, Lars Eller finally gets his name on the score sheet but not for a goal. Yup. Takes a penalty. Five minutes left in this game, nail-biting time.

Yes! Ranger net empty. Desharnais to Pacioretty back to Desharnais and into the filet vide. Canadiens 7; Rangers 4 with about four minutes to go in the third, and the NY net remains empty.

The game simply got away from the Rangers as well as from their coach, M. Vigneault who, in my opinion, should have put Lundqvist back between the pipes at some point, possibly with the game tied at four or with NY down one in the wake of Bourque’s second goal (and the first conceded by Talbot).

A collective buzz envelops Centre Bell as Tokarski makes not one, not two, but three stops, the last two of which with a rapid left pad. Game over! The Canadiens stay alive.

It’s back to the Big Radish.

Deciding whether to make the drive down.


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