JuicyLesson 213: Rockin’ the House With Springsteen Singing and the Caddy Rolling Right Down the Don Valley Expressway … The Habs in Boo-ston for Game 7 …


Our first clip today shows what is described above with backing by Bruce Speingsteen’s swinging epic piece entitled “Dancing in the Dark.” Amazing rush hour traffic “jam” last Friday evening.

I liken Toronto to West Montreal in the sense that anglophones – in the vast majority of instances – fled Montreal, moving west to TBO (The Big Onion; for readers new to my JuicyLessons, I have been referring to Toronto as TBO – The Big Onion – for years now; my good friend and ex-student Danny insists that it was he who coined the expression. That being said, I have been referring to T.O. as TBO for longer than I’ve known Mr. Danny but I’m not sure of that.

Anyway, as I was saying, about 200,000 people have left Quebec since the PQ was first elected in 1976 (“… Everybody take a Valium”) which is why I referred above to TBO as West Montreal. In the same way that many Montrealers end up purchasing homes in the West Island where homes are cheaper than on the island, people living in Toronto must make their daily commute from points north down the Don Valley Expressway and similar arteries from the suburbs where they live in bedroom communities like Markham to the city where they work.

Similar in movement – i.e. from the suburbs to the city, the only difference is the volume of traffic which is huge in Toronto, and moderate in Montreal, compared to TBO -rather than to Port-Cartier or Baie-Comeau sur la cote nord.

The next video was shot in the Beast, the Hammer, as Hilton used to call it, driving into Toronto last Friday, and reflecting first on the Habs loss the night before, in the series’ fourth game – but that was then and this is now, on the eve of the series finale vs. the Brew-ins and we are in the wake of Monday night’s beautiful Habs’ victory knotting the series at three in the penultimate game: more on that later but suffice to say that my ears are intently listening to the Pittsburgh vs. Rangers, currently led 1-0 by NY in the series’ seventh game because if New York wins tonight, and the Habs do the same tomorrow, there will be a playoff game this weekend here in Montreal meaning my plans for a little trip to New York will have to be put on hold.

Not to count my chickens, but wouldn’t it be nice to see two playoff games at the Centre Bell and to follow that up with a game or two at Madison Square Gardens (MSG).
I plan to go down if not this weekend then next week; sure hope the Canadiens accompany me.

The rest of this clip deals with my feelings about the loss of Hilton as well as the lack of closure that his passing has occasioned for Lee and me. I apologize in advance for my statement regarding Hilton’s ex-wife but I am firmly convinced about the veracity of my perception.

Today we take a look at the Habs’ win Monday night at the Bell Centre, including video clips and photos …

The setting at game time last night at Centre Bell, Montreal


Pacioretty puts the puck past Tuukka Rask for the Habs second goal Monday night. The goal came on a breakaway pass from Bournival to Max who broke in and beat Rask through the five-hole (i.e.between his goalie pads). Rask was great in the Boston net but Carey Price, tending the twine for the Canadiens, was better. The Bell Centre Faithful (BCF) constantly braying “Tuuukka, Tuuukka, Tuuuuka”, was at once amusing and at least, not ineffective.


P.K. Subban Superstar takes down Boo-ston’s David Krejci Monday night.


Carey Price makes one of the 26 stops he made on Monday at Centre Bell.

Peace. Good luck Montreal.

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