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JuicyLesson 211: On the Road Again With a Bit of a Geography Lesson Mixed In …

On the 401 out of TBO headed for Montreal with The Byrds’ Mr. Spaceman on the box and iPod camera in hand. A neat experience except a little unnerving leaving Toronto.

The Habs won tonight setting up a seventh game in Boston on Wednesday. Would it were that I could be there for that. More on the game just completed later but I have exactly 21 minutes to finish this JuicyLesson and post it.

What happened was this: I remembered that when I pulled into the hotel last Friday evening that I was close to having no gas, zero, nada, and was of course worried about looking for a gas station, not knowing where I was going and consequently running out of gas in a city the geography of which I am not that familiar – my worst nightmare.

Then I’d have to be calling CAA and be worrying about getting home later than anticipated, thus having no chance to rest. In that sense I would have been physically fucked up for the game vs. Boston as opposed to right now when I am relaxing at 3:37, some 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. prior to game time; must admit that I am not stress free right now due to my having to get this Juice produced but my stress level would have been ratcheted up quite a bit had I run out of gas on top of everything else. So I decided to make arrangements before getting behind the wheel this morning which I did after a bit of difficulty including getting a little lost prior to arriving on the Don Valley Expressway and heading north to the 401.

Once on the 401 East, it’s a freaking piece of cake. No problem. What. So. Ever. Mate.

All of the clips shot from the interior of our car (mine and Lee’s, that is) were taken while I was heading eastward on the 401 today on my way back to Montreal.

With some information about Canada’s Physiographic Regions sprinkled in.

Habs whipped the Bruins 4-0 with the three stars being Carey Price who stopped everything the Bruins had to offer and then some, Max Pacioretty who scored once and was all over the place, skating just like the power forward he is rapidly turning into, and Thomas Vanek who scored twice. Sure hope Vanek can be convinced to stay and the most effective way to convince him that the Canadiens are the team for him is to ensure that those same Canadiens win the Stanley Cup in 2014.

Peace. Out. John. F.


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