JuicyLesson 212: Habs Win! Seventh Game in Boo-ston tomorrow … Go Canadiens …

Our featured image today shows Carey Price who was the man again, turning aside one of about thirty shots, as he continues to bamboozle the Boo-ins. Price, in a word, was brilliant, stopping good Boo-ston chance after chance, right until the final siren. Go Habs.

I went to the game last night and what a fine game it was. Eddy and I were late and saw Eller score what turned out to be the first of four Canadiens’ goals – we saw the goal on one of the monitors at the Bell Centre – with barely two minutes gone in the first period and before the night was over, Vanek with two goals and Pacioretty, would round out the Habs scoring. Final score: Montreal 4; Boston 0.


I don’t know how many Canadiens’ games I have been to since 1993, the year the Canadiens won their 24th and, for the moment, their last and most recent Stanley Cup, but I have become a real fan over the last two or three years. For example, I have tickets to all of this year’s play-off games, and I have attended all five playoff home games so far – two against Tampa, remember them?, and three against the Bruins. During the season, I must have attended at least ten games or so, thanks to my friend who manages to scrounge up tickets to both regular season and playoff games. Would it were that I was going to be in Boo-ston for tomorrow’s tilt.


Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I have not felt or seen atmosphere like last night’s at the Bell Centre in years, if ever. Everyone was going completely nuts and, given the result of the game yesterday, the Habs must have gotten some kind of a boost from the screaming, the yelling and the “Go Habs Go!” “Go Habs Go.!” “Go Habs Go.!”

I have tried to capture the atmosphere at the Bell Centre last night in the following clips, some of which are accompanied by music. Enjoy them.

The first clip was shot just after the third Habs’ goal.

This clip is shorter but it manages to capture (no pun intended) the atmosphere during the last minute of play during the third period of last night’s tilt:

The final clip which follows is just under three minutes in length and again captures the intense atmosphere during the final minute of last night’s great game.

Peace out and have a nice day.

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