JuicyLesson 210: Images — Photographic and Otherwise from T.B.O … Fear and Loathing from The Big Onion …

That’s right … Images from Toronto.

Fear and Loathing from the Roger’s Centre with the Jays losing to the Los Angeles Angels from Anaheim … wasn’t even close in my humble opinion, and everyone who knows me, that’s the least that they can say about me – that is, that my humility is … underwhelming, right my friends and ex-friends from MRHS,… that it’s there, at least, my humility, that is, my humility is still there …

Barbara York, someone whom I respect quite a lot: I send you two short clips with me playing my harmonica and never got anything back, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent … I’d take anything at this point. Even that clip with Stephen Harper partaking in some Beatles tune … I Get High With a Little Help From my Friends …” …



This very short clip – there are actually two clips if you count the link – highlights the rap group Les Anticipateurs. It’s worth a listen.

Thanks to my nephew whose iPod (pictured) is responsible for my being able to bring this music to you. Thanks from your Unk, Neph. I love and respect you enormously.


This next clip, running time under two minutes, was produced at the ball (not balk as in Take Me Out to the Balk Game) park, Roger’s (closed roof) Centre on Saturday. Great seats thanks to my nephew. Unfortunately, the Jays got stomped. Better luck today. I’ll be there.

As a matter of fact, I have to get ready now. The game starts in about an hour. Back to finish my daily JuicyLesson later. Go Habs.

Below is a clip which reflects my first experiment with a music overdub which came out well in the sense that Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, a rock and roll anthem if ever there was one came out great and bad in the sense that that great rock and roll drowned me out. So what. All I was saying is that I was dressing up for the game and was was also stating hope against or is it “beyond” hope that the Jays would be able to win today.

Back from another loss … as far as I know since I split at the end of the seventh with the score 7-1 in favour of the Angels … Another loss due mostly to offensive ineptitude as it appears that the Blue Jays have just stopped hitting.

Below a little sample

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