JuicyLesson 207: My Honey, Lee, Dancing to Passenger’s “Wrong Direction” … Can the Habs Bounce Back?

An uplifting JuicyLesson, best served hot and enjoyed in the morning when you’re trying to get going … and thanks to my good friend Julie, for suggesting that this JL should help some of us just getting out of bed.


It is Tuesday afternoon yesterday and I’m getting ready for tonight’s game. Don’t want to say too much because by the time you read this, the game will be over and the Canadiens will be either a game up or a game down in their series with Boo-ston Bruins depending on the outcome tonight.

Let me just say this. The Habs blew a third period two-goal lead in their most recent game last Saturday which harkens back to some previous series which were determined by a tragic fold like that or another type of incident with a similar effect – see Koivu injury. If the Habs don’t win this evening, I’m saying it’s all over for them this year.

Tony Marinaro on the other hand – he of TSN radio 690 AM – is of the opinion that no matter who wins tonight, the Canadiens have this series in the bag. Would it were that I was the kind of glass half full guy that Mr. Marinaro appears to be.


It all comes down to Carey and let us not dwell on that bullshit about shooting high. When he was asked about it he actually answered the question which I feel he should just have ignored in order not to give credence to the Boo-ston belief that shooting high will score goals because the top part of the twine is left open when our goalie goes down low to see the shot, thus leaving him vulnerable to the high shot.

Price called that comment irrelevant because all goalies do that same thing. The only better answer would have been none at all.

Thanks to Lee for dancing her way into my heart.


2 responses to “JuicyLesson 207: My Honey, Lee, Dancing to Passenger’s “Wrong Direction” … Can the Habs Bounce Back?”

    • T: it’s CAREY Price, first of all and, for the moment, Carey has taken the team deeper into the playoffs than most people expected. (I, on the other hand, went with the Habs in both series: I called the Canadiens to beat Tampa in four or five games – that series went four; I also got the Boo-ston series calling the Habs in 6 which went 7 games.)

      Let’s make it interesting. For calling a series winner correctly I get two points; for calling the correct number of games a given series will go gives me four points.

      So, the way I figure it, there are a total of 6 available points per game (2 points for calling series winner correctly; plus 4 pts. calling the number of games a series we’ll go.)

      Note: zero points awarded for getting number of games a series will go right if one does not get the series winner right as well.

      In the two series in which the Habs have so taken part, I have accumulated 4 pts in total for getting the series winner correctly plus zero points for Boston series in terms of number of games the series would last – I said six games! it went the full seven.

      Six out of a possible 12 pts = .500 average, great batting average but who knows.
      What about number of games per series (2 points* / possible 4) for the Tampa Series since I am giving myself two of four points thereby giving me a total of 6 points for the two Canadiens’ series so far. *I gave myself a total of 2 points because I called four or five games, it went four, so half credit.

      What else if there left to say? Oh, yeah. The Canadiens will take the Rangers out in six, thereby punching their tickets to the Stanley Cup final!

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