JuicyLesson 206: Fear and Loathing … The Massacre at Kent State: An American Tragedy

On May 4th, 1970, the American opposition to the Vietnam War (1954-1974) came to a head when the Ohio State National Guard opened fire on unarmed demonstrators on the campus of Kent State University, firing 67 rounds in the space of thirteen seconds which killed four demonstrators and wounded nine more. Rage about the expansion of the war into Cambodia caused Kent State and other universities across the country to go out in protest. That reprobate (don’cha just love that word; just like the word “littany”), Tricky Dickie Nixon, had won the 1968 election by promising an honourable end to the Vietnam War and yet, here he was, expanding the war instead. Fancy that!

Note: No member of the Guard or a member of the university administration was ever charged; no member of the Guard ever issued an apology to the families of the four victims.

Peace out.

Tomorrow’s theme is music and dance.

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