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JuicyLesson 194 [REVISED VERSION] Hash Coffee – Instructional Video + Peter Tosh ..

That is one good tune. Enjoy.

This is one cool freak … Heh heh …

A few points to clarify (pun intended) the issue of pot-coffee:

1. It’s really hash coffee and you never really see the hash nor is the amount that is mixed in with the heavy cream and melted over a low heat actually stated.

Personally, I usually use about two level tablespoons (enough grass for four fairly sizeable joints) for each cup of weed tea.

The guy melts we don’t know how much granular hash into what he calls heavy cream.

I once tried to make tea with hash rather than with pot which is my usual.

What I did follows but read to the end before trying because it didn’t work for me. NOT. AT. ALL.
What I did was this:
I put about half a gram (about $5.00) of granulated hashish into a mug. I then poured some water which I had boiled into the mug and let the hash-hot water mixture steep for about thirty minutes, which, in retrospect, probably wasn’t long enough.

I then reheated the mixture, and strained it out into the same mug into which I had also already placed a tea bag. I then removed the tea bag at the same time adding milk and sugar to taste.

The result was a cup of fairly ill-tasting tea which did zero.

In retrospect, I made a serious mistake by forgetting to add a tsp. of salted butter while re-heating the mixture.
I always use butter in the reheat phase while making pot tea due to the fact that weed is not water soluble. Presumably, neither is hash. If I ever get another chance, I shan’t forget the butter step and I’ll let you know if things work out better. Remember that this concerns the production of hash tea.
Perhaps the heavy cream mentioned above acts as the solvent in the case of making the hash coffee, since there doesn’t seem to be any word about the use of butter in producing hash coffee.

2. The guy in the video starts by making what he refers to as an ordinary cup of coffee which he then lets sit in a French Press for the duration. He then pours the heated cream-hash mixture into a froth machine which he then turns on and lets run for maybe forty-five seconds or so.

To clarify what happens next: He adds the frothed up cream-hash mixture to the coffee which you don’t really see him actually pour into the mug. Don’t forget to add a little maple syrup – organic or not – as he does just to taste.

3. The ingredients:
**Cup of Joe
**Hash (quantity TBD with experimentation)
**Maple Syrup, Organic (just a wee bit to taste)
**Heavy cream (at least 12 fl. oz./1 1/2 cups)

That’s it. Not being a coffee drinker I will not imbibe myself but I can almost taste it as our host takes that first satisfying sip.

Further, I would of course welcome any reviews of this most enticing med-hashish drink.


I know that it’s only a game but still …


Take care.

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