Love to Learn, Learn to Love.

JuicyLesson 192: Enjoy Sonny and Terry f. Jerry On Harp; Two Editions, Both Short, Fear and Loathing? … A Couple of Cartoons to Brighten Up Your Sunday …

I sound ok once Lee and I get some technical difficulties sorted out which takes about the first thirty seconds of our featured video SO PLEASE BEAR WITH US. And I say “our” because this was a collective effort with Lee doing the shooting (an excellent job I might add), Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee on record f. Jerry live on harp.

And a second clip featuring me on harp, Sonny and Brownie on record and my bud, Ezra Soiferman, on camera.

I thought about producing different types of JuicyLessons and this may be the first in a series. By the way I sing too.

Enjoy the clips.

God freaking forbid …

We’re praying …

Over and Peace Out.

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