JuicyLesson 177: Bye MCAS (Medical Cannabis Access Society) For Now …

Featured above is a three gram syringe of hash oil which costs $105.00. I have purchased three of these syringes which should last me about four weeks.

Two days ago, last Monday, March 31/14, was the last day that the MCAS (Medicinal Cannabis Access Society) functioned as per what had been usual. In line with the government’s plans to get out of the med-pot business, people were no longer permitted to grow their own pot for medicinal purposes as of yesterday, 1 April, 2014.

Wait one moment please. Until the present court case in British Columbia is resolved one way or another, individuals will be legally allowed to continue producing their own med-pot. However, the Medicinal Cannabis Access Society (MCAS) will be closing down for a month at which point they will re-open but with procedures quite different from those we have gotten used to.

Check out my previous med-pot JuicyLessons for more information on the MCAS and medicinal weed, aka “med-pot”. All you have to is click on the med-pot category in today’s JuicyLesson and all the other JuicyLessons which have been categorized as med-pot will magically appear.

From the beginning of May on, this is the way things will work:
Instead of buying product including hash, pot, cookies, blondies, brownies, chocolates, caramels, bubble caps, hash oil syringes, etc. directly from MCAS, clients like me will now first purchase our pot or hash[1] from a grower licensed by the government and then we bring our bought pot in and order up any of the products we previously had purchased directly from the MCAS and other so-called Compassion Clubs. They will then make hash oil, say, from my weed and sell it back to me.
[1] I am not sure if hash is part of the deal. I’ll have to check it out but that being said, how will hash oil be produced without the hash? Answer me that, please.

More details coming up on the change including re. yesterday’s demonstration on Parliament Hill by med-pot users and others opposed to government efforts to control pot production by limiting it to between twelve and twenty government-licensed growers.

Schwartz’s iconic smoked meat sandwich will rise in price sometime this month. The Montreal smoked meat Emporium’s been around since 1928 – eighty six years! Mind-boggling. A shout out to Johnny and all the guys who help this cripple out whenever I show up for a pound of cold lean, pickles, half a rye bread and a couple of cans of Cott’s Black Cherry.
It now costs $6.65 for a tasty sandwich and according to Frank Silva, Schwartz’s GM, the price will rise by about a dollar in mid-April. Still worth it at twice the price.

A new poll puts the Quebec Liberal Party in position to form a majority government – but only barely; the Parti-Québécois continues its slide towards – dare we hope – oblivion.



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