JuicyLesson 176: Music From The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary With and Without Lyrics … A Big, Loud Boo for the Values Charter … I Will NOT Vote for Stinky and the Party She Leads …

Music from The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary — LYRICS

On the proposed values charter (Bill 60) from The Gazette’s Kevin Dougherty, Monday, 31 March, 2014, p. A-4:

“The values charter proposes amending the preamble of Québec’s 1975 human rights charter to include the equality of women and the the primacy of French, the separation of religion from the state, the religious neutrality and secular nature of the Quebec state.

“It would to also establish guidelines regarding accommodations on religious grounds and ban the wearing the religious signs by 600,000 people working in the Quebec public sector, from judges, prosecutors, police, prison guards, doctors, nurses, teachers to care workers to employees of government enterprises from Loto Quebec to Hydro Quebec.”

Pretty wide-ranging as this damn values charter would directly impact at least three-quarters-of-million workers [750,000]! Totally absurd considering that the values charter is being introduced to solve what observers have referred to as a “non-existent problem”.

Madame Marois has ratcheted up electioneering on the charter issue since the PQ, now trailing in the polls and with the election merely a week way, realizes that a majority of francophones support the introduction of this divisive piece of legislation and have determined to discuss this popular option compared to the negative view of the referendum/sovereignty option held by over sixty percent (60%) of the entire population of Quebec, francophones included, which means that many voters don’t want to know or hear about the latter possibilities..

In other words, Marois is following the dictum which states that going with what’s popular is the way to proceed during electoral campaigns. What about the economy, jobs, and education? Health care needs some positive attention too beyond Marois’ promise that all Quebecois would have a family doctor by the year 2017 if the PQ is re-elected on Monday. This promise is particularly unrealistic considering that the PQ is doing nothing to keep doctors in Quebec while issues like referendum/sovereignty and the previously discussed “Chartre” are likely to drive them away.

So there may be a doctor shortage if there isn’t one already and yet Marois dreams that there’ll be enough doctors left here so that all of us will have a family M.D. by the year 2017 if Marois is to be believed.

I can’t believe that I was actually considering voting for Marois and the Parti-Québécois. I have decided to vote for the Liberals led by Philippe Couillard instead.

I have been impressed with Couillard and he has won me over. Regardless of his income tax issue, he seems like Quebec’s best chance for a decent future divorced from issues of a divisive nature apparently favoured by the Marois-Drainville-Lysee triumvirate.

Couillard has to watch out that he doesn’t piss away his party’s lead at the polls if he hasn’t already done so.

And now for a Pascal cartoon from The Gazette to end today’s JL, presenting the view that politicians are mostly crooked and can’t be trusted.


Peace. Out.

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