JuicyLesson 175: All About Baseball … Cabrera Strikes It Rich … Mets Play the Jays at the Big Owe … Back to the Campus After Ten Years

Something to consider when choosing a career: Miguel Cabrera, star of major league baseball’s Detroit Tigers has just inked to what amounts to a ten year deal which will pay him in excess of $290 million or approximately $29 million per year which outstrips the contract which pays Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees about $27,5 million a year.

Rodriguez, commonly called A-Rod, who had been baseball’s highest paid player up until Friday when Cabrera’s contract became public knowledge and who has hit almost 600 home runs in a steroid fuelled career is presently on the shelf, having been suspended for the entire 2014 season for various criminal acts related to the distribution and consumption of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

One thing though. To make the kind of money that Cabrera just signed for you have to win the Triple Crown, something that Miguel did in 2012. The offensive Triple Crown goes to the player who leads his league in the following categories: Home Runs, Runs Batted In (RBI’s), and Batting Average. No player player won the The Triple Crown between 1967 when Boston’s Carl Yazstremski did it and 2012 when Cabrera duplicated the feat.

There is also a Triple Crown for pitchers which goes to hurler who leads his league in the following three categories: E.R.A (Earned Run Average, Wins and Strikeouts.

It would appear easier to win the pitching Triple Crown than the batting one. I say this because the former has been won eleven times since 1966 as opposed to the batting Triple Crown which, since 1967, has been won exactly twice.

Miguel Cabrera is the most recent Triple Crown winner, achieving it in 2012; the first since 1967.

Check out this link for tables of all Batting and Pitching Triple Crown winners in MLB history.

Simply copy this link and paste it in your web browser.

One more thing. It was encouraging to see the pre-season games between the Mets and the Jays draw around 95,000 people to the two game set played here, at the Big Owe, on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.
However, what was discouraging to hear MLB’s Commissioner Bud Selig state in no uncertain terms that there was nothing that Montreal could do which would secure a major league baseball franchise for our fair city in the short term.

He went on to state that it would be around another ten years before Montreal would be seriously considered. Selig, who has announced that it would be retiring soon – he gave a specific date – has been a constant bur in our saddles. Maybe with Selig’s retirement imminent his replacement may have a different opinion.

We can only hope.

BTW our featured music video is from the Eagles’ Don Henley and his cut “All She Wants to Do is Dance”. I am posting this as a tribute to my hot partner, Lee, who really danced it up at the Cafe Campus on Saturday night, in what was our first visit to that hotspot at the corner of Prince Arthur E. and Coloniale, a couple of blocks east of blvd. St. Laurent in ten years but not our last. Had a great time. That joint still rocks.


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