JuicyLesson 172: Habs Shut Out Hapless Sabres on Tuesday … Rock On With Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” … PQ’s Ship Listing …

Lyrics to Could You Be Loved

“While you’re pointing your finger, someone else is judging you.” True dat. Very, very true. Right you critical assholes?

Really not sure if that’s Bob Marley in the video. Regardless,it’s a well done cover of a reggae tune that rocks out there.

Another thing hash oil is great. Yesterday, Wednesday, I ate a bit on a cig paper before noon and had a nice buzz all afternoon … and I mean all afternoon.


According to the latest poll, the PQ has fallen into second place with the support of some 33% of those polled compared to 40% support for Couillard’s Liberals. Like I previously have stated, let the Parti-Québécois crash and burn all on its own. It doesn’t need our help.


Regardless of Marois’ efforts to, as Couillard has said “to put the toothpaste back in the tube”, it hasn’t been working. Most voters are still associating the PQ with a referendum and potential sovereignty which is not something that people are interested in.


Choosing Pierre Karl Paladeau (PKP) seems to have been a mistake. For one thing, his declaration about giving his children “un pays”, in retrospect, seems to have been a glaring error because the fortunes of the PQ have been dipping constantly since then; “dipping” is putting it mildly, “spiralling downwards” would be a more apt description of how the PQ has been polling since PKP officially became the party’s candidate in St. Jerome.


Just to finish off this JuicyLesson: “Rene Levesque once famously said: ‘A Quebecer is someone who lives here’. This PQ is not the party of the founding father. It’s a crowd who will say anything or do anything to win. Which is one of the reasons they’re losing.” (L. Ian MacDonald, The Montreal Gazette, March 26/14, p. A25.)

And now for some good news: how about those Habs. I only saw the first period of Tuesday night’s home game against the hapless Buffalo Sabres which the good guys won 2-0. A shut out for Carey Price, Max Pacioretty’s hundredth career goal and one by Daniel Briere who scored late in the third period (see photo below) to put the game away highlighted this Montreal win.

“The Canadiens (41-26-7) won an important 4-3 game at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday evening then pulled off an emotional 2-1 shootout win at the Boston Bruins on Monday, making the game against the Sabres pale in comparison …” [1]

Above: Alex Galchenyuk beats Boston Goalie Tuka Rask for the shoot-out winning goal on Monday evening in Boston.

Good teams find a way to win games that they are supposed to win and the Habs did just that. The victory put the Canadiens two points ahead of Tampa for second place in the Atlantic Division. Next: At Detroit on Thursday and BabCOCK’s Wings are not nearly the team they used to be with depleted ranks, retirements and Pavel’s injury which has been keeping him out of action.

Go Habs. Really.

[1] NHL Game Centre, Wednesday, March 26/14


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