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JuicyLesson 155: Don’t Let the Changes Get You Down, Man

JuicyLesson 155: Don’t Let the Changes Get You Down, Man

Governmental changes – past, present and future – will likely affect many, many people globally. The Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia, Civil War in Syria, and certain political change bound to occur as a result of upcoming elections in Quebec, the United States, and next year, at the federal government level in Canada may play havoc with parts of our lives as we struggle to cope. It ain’t easy.

Not to mention that income, property and school tax time is almost upon us, waiting to take a hefty bite out of our savings.

Changes can be difficult for we humans to cope with, especially with an asshole like Marois running around and driving us all crazy.


Celtic rocker Donovan presents solutions to challenges created by change in this ditty from a purer, gentler and simpler time.

“Vietnam, Biafra, the absurdity of greed, how much can one man possibly need.”


Lots of Peace and Love coming your way.

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  • Joan Hoyte says:

    I need to look up Marois. Very good article, to the point. As for taxes in Canada, nice thing none (not much) on food, but, “oh boy,” the regular 14.957 (make that 15%) really eats you up. Great thing is great health care, social programs etc. help make it acceptable. Peace.

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