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JuicyLesson 154: All around … Quebec Election Set … What PQ Racists Can Achieve With Majority Government … Hello Thomas Vanek … Go Habs.

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So hear tell that there’s gonna be provincial election in Quebec on Monday, April 7th. God help us if Marois gets the majority government that the most recent polls appear to be predicting she will. I personally don’t believe that the sovereignty option is a possibility[1] even if Marois gets the majority that she says she needs to bring Quebec forward, not yet anyway, but one cannot always accurately predict what will happen at some future point in time.

[1] I say this due to recent polls which see that support for the separatist option has evened out at around thirty-five percent (35%). This may change depending on the quality of the job that Marois and the PQ do, should they ever achieve majority government status in the National Assembly.

Besides there is plenty of other damage that the Parti Quebecois government majority government can do, short of a a third referenda on the separation of Quebec.

Remember Bill 14? This proposed piece of legislation died on the order paper due to the fact that Marois realized that there was no way to get that Bill through with the PQ in a minority.

But with a majority, they can simply pass the bill into law.

Just to refresh our memories Bill 14 would have limited access to English CEGEP’s in the same way that Bill 101 denies entry to the English school system in Quebec to those whose parents (or parent) were not educated in the anglophone sector.

This travesty of justice, Bill 14, would also deny access to English schooling to members of the Canadian military and their families which they do have access to now. The government has the gall to suggest that people enter the military so that their kids can be educated in the English language. Is justice simply what the majority says it is? I highly doubt that.

Bill 14 would have also restricted access to bilingual status for any municipality which does not contain a majority of Anglophones. Cote-St.-Luc would even be denied bilingual status if Bill 14 becomes law because, believe it or not, the majority of CSL’s citizenry is not Anglophone.

Pity poor Quebec if the PQ becomes a majority government as a result of the next election. We need to fix our economy and our health care system and do not want to get bogged down playing the “identity politics” game. I wonder what the Lev Tahor sect thinks of all this. I hear they’re making plans to hit the road – or already have – headed for Mexico.

I find Francophones, some of them anyway, to be racists; I am fairly certain that this characterization can be applied to some Anglophones too. Up until recently, their cartooning of Afro-Canadians and Afro-Canadians had a decidedly racist quality to it and because I don’t quite know how to say this I’ll just leave it for now. Too bad Couillard and the CAQ are not up to the task of defeating the PQ and assuming the mantle of leadership. Let’s hope that they are competent enough to deny Marois the majority government she so badly wants.

There’s lots of damage that Marois can do short of sovereignty with a majority government. The above-mentioned Bill 14 is merely one example. Let’s not forget Bill 60, the Chartre des valeurs. What the fuck.

Vanek comes to Montreal! When was the last time the Canadiens traded for a player of Vanek’s quality? Have a look at the scoring race amongst the Habs? Where does Vanek fit in? Number one? … Nah couldn’t be … Or could it?

Am keeping my eyes on the difficulties in the Ukraine.

Peace and love coming your way. Please vote.

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  • Guy Fox says:

    English quebecer’s have no back bone!!! They seem to run, at the notion there maybe blood shed for a noble cause such as their own rights, and freedoms! Get some back bone and maybe I’ll buy a load of guns and try to smuggle them across the boarder at russ’s point quebec. Maybe you all should blow up a few mail boxes around town to get they’re attention. Or maybe not, just keep on doing what you’re doing now, bury your heads in the sand and hope you done get it up the ass!
    Still radical after all those years!
    Guy Fox

    • Jerry Cohen says:

      You are a regular laugh riot Mr. Fawkes. Note spelling by the way. You are way too violent for us. We Québécois are lovers, not fighters unless of course we really have to be.

      One more thing, Guy. Your actions on the 5th of November at least two hundred years ago may have been radical. Your mention of gun violence is certainly not radical. It is the opposite.

      It is reactionary, arch conservative, extremely right wing in other words and is diametrically opposed to radicalism which is progressive and leftist.

      Blowing up mailboxes is not really our style.

      … and just to finish this comment off in style: Remember! Remember! The 5th of November.. BEEG KAPOW.

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