JuicyLesson 151: Here and There … The Ukraine; Fear and Loathing Between the Ex-Superpowers …Rory McIlroy and Tiger; One is Over and Out and What About the Next One?

Our featured video highlighting today’s JuicyLesson focuses on the uprising in Kiyev where the Ukrainian President who has been forced into hiding, is supposedly worth a measly twelve billion dollars ($12,000,000,000) with no obvious source of wealth aside from that derived from being the President of the Ukraine and a politician prior to that. So suffice to say, this guy has 12,000 million reasons to remain in hiding or to purchase sanctuary in any foreign country willing to have him. Whatever he does do, he doesn’t want to end up captured, in jail, and on trial where his large fortune would be lost. What a pig! Ripping off his people like that as he seems to have done.

With the Russians on the verge of invading the Ukraine this guy, this deposed President, has chosen to remain in hiding rather than coming out to take his medicine. Figures. In the meantime, troops are being mobilized across the country to confront a possible invasion by Russian troops.

The Ukrainian military budget is 1/18 that of Russia’s and if a shooting war does break out, there is no doubt who would win. As a matter of fact CNN is predicting a possible attack on this very night although it is I not they who have injected the word “possible” into the above scenario. As far as CNN is concerned, the invasion is definitely going to happen; personally, I prefer to take a more cautious approach.

It is also being reported that the Russian military is in total operational control of the Crimean Peninsula, the site of the Ukraine. There is an extremely dangerous situation developing which results from the possibility of a confrontation between the United States and Russia.

Although there is little if any chance of the Americans taking on the “military option” as far as the Ukraine is concerned, there is still a chance of that happening, and if it does, we all better run for cover. Russia and the United States are two countries of the few – the others coming to mind are Israel, South Africa, the Peoples’ Republic (Communist) China, India, Pakistan, England and France – with enough of a nuclear capability to engage in “over-kill” which means to say that any one of these nine countries (not forgetting to mention Russia and the United States) have the nuclear capacity to kill the entire global population more than once over; this expands all the way to the two ex-superpowers, Russia and the U.S.A., having the capacity to EACH kill the world’s population some four thousand times over. Holy sheet! “Hoe-Lee…” as my good friend Mylene used to say now and again.

Suffice to say for the moment that until 1947, the Americans were the only nation to possess a nuclear capability. That period of hegemony in the nuclear sphere came to an end first in 1947 when the Soviet Union exploded its initial atomic device and then, two years later in 1949, when the Peoples’ Republic of China followed suit by exploding its first nuclear weapon.

The theory of M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Destruction – meant that if Country A launched a nuclear weapon against Country B, Country B would still be able to launch a nuclear strike of equal or even greater force against Country B; hence the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction which worked only for as long as the number of countries with nuclear power remained manageable, staying at two, three, or even four, and that’s stretching it.

But now there are nine countries which already possess a nuclear potential with at least two more, North Korea and Iran, and possibly a third, Iraq, at various stages in their own development of nuclear weapons which makes the theory of M.A.D. an anachronism. It no longer works, even in theory, since there are presently too many players in our contemporary environment with nuclear capability to make it work.

And now for something completely friggin’ different …
Rory McIlroy, pro golfer from Northern Ireland and previously Golfer of the Year as recognized by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) two years ago before falling apart last year seems to be back in the hunt. He leads the Honda Classic by one stroke heading towards the back nine in the fourth and final round of this week’s Honda Classic taking place in Florida. [Ooops. Turns out McIlroy lost in a playoff to a guy name of Knox, winner of the web.com tour either two or three years ago.]

Tiger has cited an aggravated back injury as his reason for withdrawing from the Honda Classic golf tournament. Tiger was five strokes over par in his final round when he withdrew from the tournament after his thirteenth hole.

That’s it.

So until tomorrow, then, it’s a gentle …

Peace out.

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