JuicyLesson 138: False Alarm Friday … Bernie Drainville, Go Straight To Hell, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Two Hundred Beans…

I was wrong. Damn-it-to-hell. I thought that the message I was getting from the ANALYTICS site was that I had received over sixty hits last Thursday, February 13th, for one of Dusty’s rants – this one on … Um … Let me see … Christianity – that’s it, on creationism vs. evolutionist theory. This was One his better rants so I was wondering if it could be true, if that particular JL could have garnered 60+ views and I guess I was correct to wonder because turns out I was wrong and, as I said in Friday’s (Valentine’s Day) post, I sometimes have trouble culling the information from the ANALYTICS site that I am trying to get my hands on and Friday, two days ago, was just one of those times.

I didn’t do badly last Thursday as it turns out – I managed to attract forty (40) viewers to this site {www?AJuicyLessonPerDay.net} but that’s not the more than sixty that I had initially contemplated, nor does this forty hits represent the largest number of views/unique visits of/to my site daily. For more information on my goals as well as a brief history of the number of hits my site has been garnering, please have a look at Friday’s JuicyLesson 137 and for those of you reading this, thanks a great deal. And for those of you reading this blog for your first time, a special thanks to you for coming on board.

Like I always tell people hitting the site for the first or second or even third time, it’s a good idea to begin with the About Jerry and my Mission Statement sections of this site as these will introduce both me and the goals of my undertaking to you. In a nutshell, my mission is to produce one Juicy Lesson Per Day for a whole year – six days a week with only Saturdays off.

I started with my first JuicyLesson which I produced on September 9th, 2013, and – it makes me happy to say this which is one reason why I continue with this challenge – I have yet to miss a day. I try to include pictures and videos to spark interest on the part of my readers as well as to attract potential viewers to my site; in one way or another, whether it’s actually composing the thousand words which each post takes on the average or, if it’s searching for appropriate video clips or photos, everything I do to produce each JuicyLessonPerDay takes approximately four hours from start to finish. As you regular followers of AJuicyLessonPerDay.net already know, I start actually writing on the evening before and then on the day, I complete production and publish that day’s JuicyLesson. Lately, however, I have been finishing each of my Lessons later on the day of publication which has not hurt the number of views, so far anyway.

Over the last week, the six days from Sunday, February 9th until Friday, February 14th, I had a total of 205 hits, an average of slightly under the thirty-five views a day which would work out to over a thousand unique visitors over the last month which is my goal.

Drainville, the man responsible for the introduction of the values charter in Quebec, has demonstrated fits of pique during the committee hearings on the introduction of Bill 60. Well pray tell – what the fuck did he expect from institutions like the Jewish General Hospital and the English Montreal School Board, two institutions grounded in the anglophone and allophone sectors of our population? Did he expect them to come out in favour of the bill or to just lie down in the face of this affront to the dignity of all Québécois whether they realize it or not, and go off like lambs to the slaughter? Anyway, Drainville, Marois, and Lysee have proven that they are dyed-in-the-wool (de souche) separatists and that they are willing to go to any extreme they feel is necessary to accomplish their goal, even if it means dividing our province as the introduction and the debate on the values charter appears to have done and will continue to do as long as the PQ remains in power.

So let’s have an election as soon as possible and G-d forbid that the Parti-Québécois is returned to power with the majority government they have so ardently sought and and will continue to do for as long as they are in power, whether in a minority or a majority government set of circumstances. If the PQ ever gets its majority in the National Assembly, woe betide this province and the people who live here. Whenever I think of the three jerks – Marois, Lysee and Drainville, I feel a bout of nausea coming on … like right now, for instance … And “jerk” doesn’t quite portray what these people are like … Really.

Peace out.

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