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Juicy lesson 240: The Beautiful Game: Soccer’s World Cup and Hockey’s Kings Win Stanley Cup …

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I find myself quite interested in the fotbol (soccer) World Cup tournament now unfolding in Brazil. This tournament, which began last Thursday, June 12th, with the host country, Brazil, a perennial favourite to win every four years, spanking Croatia 3-1.

On Friday, June 13th, there were three games. Chile, in what can be considered to be a minor upset, defeated Australia 3-1. As expected in the first match of the day, Mexico edged the Cameroons 1-0 while in a huge upset, the Orange Wave from Holland not only upset Spain, but pounded the defending World Cup (2010), European Cup (2012) and U-21 World Champions, Spain, yup, pounded them into the ground. Final score in that unexpected massacre was The Netherworld (which was where the Spanish must have thought they were in the wake of their defeat), The Netherlands 5!!!; Spain 1.


There are a few incredible phenomena associated with Spain’s Fall from Grace – thanks to Amanda Marshall for today’s featured tune from her self-titled disc – one of which is the fact that Spain was victimized by five straight goals by the Dutch after scoring the match’s opening marker on a penalty.


Another something to be remarked on with reference to Spain’s resounding defeat is the fact that Spain has not allowed that many markers against in a World Cup tournament match since 1950, that’s right, a period – although given the length of time involved it may be verging on an era, even an epoch but not long enough for an eon – anyway let’s keep it at a period for now and call it a period of 64 years!


Holland had got what the Spanish describe as a manita, a little hand: a goal for each finger; the Spanish fans may have been ready to give five fingers alright, right up their team’s respective asses. This was the worst defeat a defending champion had ever suffered at the World Cup and it was the first time Spain had conceded five goals at the tournament since they were last in Brazil, 64 years ago.

At the final whistle Holland’s Daryl Janmaat fell to the turf and kissed it, lying there in disbelief. This was astonishing, barely believable. Four years ago, Holland had lost the World Cup final to Spain. Now, they had humiliated them. They had scored five; they could have scored more.


Other scores so far today, Saturday are as follows: in another shall we say unexpected result, Columbia beat Greece 3-0. Also on today’s slate, Costa Rica is leading Uruguay 3-1 in what would be regarded as a huge upset were the scoreline to end up in Costa Rica’s favour.


In a match just ended, a spirited England side lost out to Italy 2-1. The 2006 World Cup champs, the Azzurri, just edged out an England side which showed well against what looks like a better team.

On the card later it’s Ivory Coast vs. Japan in the final match of the evening.

So far – goals galore, scintillating soccer which has seen more than its share of upsets, and some brilliant goals scored like the sole England tally in its loss to the Italians.

Prepare yourselves for a few weeks of the classiest and best football in the world.


Now from Los Angeles, looks like those ignorant fans in New York got their due as the Kings knocked off the Rangers 3-2 in double overtime to win their second Stanley Cup in three years. Congratulations Los Angeles which may be starting a dynasty of sorts while the Rangers are getting old and their chances of participating in another Cup final for at least five to ten years are slim and none.


The ignoramus and his family who basically got me kicked out of Madison Gardens after the first period of the Habs’ first game in New York during the Eastern Conference final a couple of weeks ago has basically made me hate the type of New Yorker who cheers for the Rangers. Ignorant. Belligerent jerks. Complete assholes … and, as those of you familiar with me and my work know, I am not known for name-calling but it just shows to go you how much those New York idiots turned me right off … and continue to do so.




Until dude main.

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