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So let’s see if I understand this correctly. Trump, an alleged serial sexual predator, is running for the presidency of the richest and most powerful country on the face of God’s greying earth and says that one thing he plans to do in his first hundred days in that office, will be to sue the women who have come out, names and all, interviews, written statements, etc. and accused him of sexual assault or battery depending on your definition of terms.

At this point, eleven (11) women have alleged that Trump made unwanted advances on them, everything from hugging and kissing to groping including putting hands under skirts. I have trouble believing that these women were put up to this by the Clinton campaign or anyone associated with it. Just as an aside, one of these women, Jessica Drake, Trump’s most recent – as of this writing – accuser, is a porn star which may turn certain people off but really should have no bearing on the fact that she alleges that Trump grabbed her and kissed her without her permission. Trump’s response to Drake’s allegation that he grabbed her by the arm : “I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before,” or words to that effect. Misses the point. Completely. Totally. But not unexpectedly.

Trump, himself, ironically, should be the one who gets locked up. Anyone still supporting this megalomaniacal, narcissistic, lying misogynist must have trouble tying their shoes on a good day (Thank-you, Iverstein.)
When Trump says things like “I have great respect for women. No one has greater respect for women than me”, how can anyone with a mind take him seriously? Further, what can we say about a man who says stuff like this? Does he actually believe that? I think he does. More’s the pity.
The poor fucker hasn’t a clue what the word “respect” means. That being said the things that would merit respect in a Trump universe would be purely material, bricks, steel, mortar, push the button, end the world, why not, the guy insulted me. Hit me and I hit back harder.

What a complete and total idiot. He reminds me of Paris Hilton, famous for fame’s sake, but at least Paris realized the brevity of her shelf life as a media sensation and knew when to disappear, get off the stage, make the odd appearance to ensure that people know that you’re not dead, but go away, quietly. Retire from the limelight.

Trump, on the other hand, is well past his “best by date” but he doesn’t act like he’s aware of that. I think that he understands that his chances of beating Hillary Clinton are extremely slight if they exist at all and he has started thinking about making sure that he ain’t forgotten if he becomes what he has called in referring to others like Mitt Romney, “a failed candidate”.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Trump has actually stated, and this is his most recent stance on this issue, that he will accept the result of the November 8th vote, but that he reserves the right to legally challenge the result (if there are irregularities, in his mind that is). This represents a walk-back from his statement during the third presidential debate that he would not make public whether he would accept the result of the vote or not, that he would “keep (us) in suspense” until the election has taken place.

August 2, 2016
August 2, 2016

I don’t know what I think about this particular issue. On the one hand, I naturally want to push back – can you see that I am perhaps spending too much time watching CNN during this election cycle? – on anything Trump says, but on the other, I am somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, as well as someone who wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton as far as I could throw her, and fundamentally I question the limits of the power exercised by the so-called “special interests” in the whole election process, from nomination at local levels to election at the national one. In other words, I question whether or not there are any limits on the power they exercise.

My distrust stems from the fact that the oligarchy, the people in control of the capitalist economic reality, highly unfortunately, will go to any lengths necessary to protect their wealth and power and thereby maintain their positions at the pinnacle of that hierarchy which has evolved into, if it has not always been, the basis of the very world in which we live and breathe. So, if you think that this capitalist elite, the controllers, the people who pull the strings, have a moral compass which would mitigate against this group taking any action which might compromise the democratic process so as to benefit their own economic and political interests, including rigging the election, then you need to think again.

Wake up and die right. Stop being naive. Please.

The latest national poll among likely voters shows Clinton with a 5% lead over Trump.
Eh, what.


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