JL 257 : Freaked Out Friday … Jerry Plays Harp … My World Cup Picks for Saturday …Jimmy Fallon Takes a Ride With Gusto and Kevin Hart … A Comment from Mattray re. Benefits of Smoking Dope …

Above: Who dem beautiful young women? Interesting that at least half the country could probably now name the twin pictured on the right whereas how many of us, those living outside the country’s centre at any rate, could have answered that question a month or two ago. Shows the power of both the media and victory. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning …” Aw. Never mind. Now. Thanks to Sasha Guindi for “wise-zing” me up to the fact that Eugenie even had a sister, let alone a twin, and for providing the above photo.

Just to mention something about Thursday’s JL [256] centred on the Stones basically got 47 hits, which represents the second highest total during what I must admit has been a slow, readership-challenged last eight days. Wyman spits (he shows some, actually, without spitting it out)in front of millions both live and on their television screens while playing the Ed Sullivan Show. Filthy. Funky.

Starting off with Jimmy Fallon and some guy named Kevin Hart taking a ride on a roller coaster in Florida. Two things – the ninety-degree straight up is just incredible. Also Kevin’s facial expressions during the ride in themselves makes this approximately 4:30 clip worth seeing.

Moving right along to my World Cup picks for Saturday: Holland will beat Costa Rica, sending the Central Anericans home; but the Costa Ricans can hold their heads up high since few if any pundits picked them to get into the Group of 16 in the first place, let alone imagining this country defeating Greece to reach these quarterfinals.

That being said, Costa Rica stands little if any chance against Holland, which, to this point, has won all four games it has played. Along with Brazil and Columbia, The Netherlands has been perfect to this point. So in one of Saturday’s 1/4 finals, Costa Rica will fall to Holland.

In the other game on July 5th and this is a really tough one to call, In the end, Belgium should defeat Argentina which seems to be relying almost exclusively on its daunting and brilliant captain, the number 10** Lionel Messi. Welcome to the semi-finals you Belgian Red Devils you; bye bye Argentina.
**Number 10 (soccer) = Number 9 (hockey – Richard, Howe, Gretzky’s double-9’s, etc.)

My picks for Friday’s two 1/4’ers are included in Thursday’s Juice [256]. France plays Germany in one match while home country Brazil takes on Columbia in Friday’s other tilt. You’re gonna have to check out that Lesson if you want to know my picks for those two games.

At this moment (Thursday, July 3rd/14, 8:47 PM), my record stands at 5 up and 3 down. Anything less than 9 total wins by the week-end’s end will be a disappointment.

Now for a comment from a friend, call him Mattray, maybe you’ve seen his name since his photos of NYC have graced my JuicyLessons on occasion and most likely will do so again in future.

Mattray has been doing dope for some 40 years and has some interesting things to say about the effects of weed as he perceives them. Note that I have copied this comment off the “Comment” section of JL 253.

Submitted on 2014/07/02 at 4:19 am
Been smoking weed on and off for 40 years. I always enjoy it and find it magically enhances the senses, boosts creativity and is the only aphrodisiac I have ever encountered, relieves pain, keeps you up and let’s you sleep, takes away aggression, is a relaxer, relieves tension and anger, promotes inner and external peacefulness, removes a grudge and appears to heal many ailments and wounds and is possibly effective against cancer. That’s quite a bit! Am I lying. ? What do you think? Check out Rick Simpson Oil. It’s all over the internet. Some amazing claims being made. Thanks Jerry for your efforts and a cool blog!

Thanks, Mattray. Salut.
Have heard of Rick Simpson by the way.

An example of Mattray’s work:

A unique New York institution . Papaya drinks and hot dogs – to be found in all of the old funky neighborhoods.



To end off today, Jerry plays harmonica with Amanda Marshall. I wouldn’t mind “Sitting on Top of the World” with her, or her sitting on top of something else. What a freaking pig. Eh?


Good week-end coming up. I know it.

Far. Freaking. Out.

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