Hockey Juice, the AA (Adolescent Asshole) and Other Stuff

This I can’t believe: the mother of the “affluenza” teen who got off lightly after driving drunk and killing four people (!) in the process, was shown being deported from Mexico with a smarmy, little smile on her face while her son, Ethan Couch remained in Mexico. I would like to wipe that smirk right off her fucking face.

Couch, the son, was caught on video playing a beer-drinking game, thus breaking his parole conditions. What a jerk.

The Chicago Police Department is issuing the following directive to its officers: at both airports in the city, Midway and O’Hare, cops who are not gonna be carrying guns for the next while, are being instructed to run and hide if confronted by armed psychos.

What a difference a culture, a continent and a country all make. In England, as far as I know, beat cops (Constables On Patrol) are still unarmed. This says a lot about the state of fear  and anger in the Excited States. Imagine what the States would like if the police were not armed, as in England and in the remainder of the U.K. including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Fifty percent of registered Republicans down there support that fascist demi-“God”, The Donald.


Hockey Juice.

Scott Gomez, remember how useless he was as a winger/centre when he was here, has been placed on waivers by the St. Louis Blues. Does anyone think another team will pick him up?

Subban had a poor game last night  (Wednesday vs. Florida). He’s starting to get on my nerves.

Babcock is just in the process of proving that no matter how good the coach, you can’t win with so poor a team. Last year, the Leaves finished with 68 points. After their one-sided loss to the Islanders on Tuesday, they sit one position from last place in their conference with only Columbus behind them. With eight games to go until they reach the halfway point in their season, they have 33 points. As is said, you do the math. I would if I could but I can’t. No patience.

The fact that Jonathan Bernier allowed six goals on a mere 15 shots didn’t help on Tuesday in the TBO’s loss 6-3 to the Islanders a save percentage (and this arithmetic I can do) of .600, probably the lowest in history, at least since they started keeping this particular stat.

With Florida’s win, our beloved Canadiens on Tuesday, Florida is now in first place in the division containing the Habs, the Atlantic Division.

The Canadian juniors required a shoot-out to beat Switzerland in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday. Who’d have thunk it?



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