Here and There Juice. [04/20/2019]

0D9AAD5A-2B7E-4266-B936-5DCACC9390A1 Surely William Barr knew that the Mueller Report would eventually be available for all the world to see. Why then would he cover certain details up unless his arrogance allowed him to somehow draw the conclusion that people would either be unwilling or unable to decipher things for themselves?
An example that comes to mind is the interaction between the moron-in-chief and now no longer WH counsel, McGhan, which apparently involved the latter being told by the former to get Mueller fired and telling him over the phone to have the then AG, Jeff Sessions, do the dirty. Somehow this obvious attempt by the moron-in-chief got lost in the shuffle and was not even alluded to or mentioned in Barr’s four-page summary of the Report. As a matter of fact, by refusing to do the moron-in-chief’s bidding in this case, McGhan may have saved the moron-in-chief’s presidency. To pursue this issue a bit further, it seems that this “endeavour” by the moron-in-chief, to some, is tantamount to actually committing the offence – either it is or it isn’t. It can’t be both.
Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune
It’s really hard to believe what’s going on in the United States what with a totally reprehensible and completely immoral character in charge of the executive branch of the American government. This moron, whom I call mic – moron-in-chief – recently stated that we should get rid of the judges, whose task it is to interpret the law.
Wouldn’t that be nice, eh? No third branch of government and certainly less of a check on presidential power. The mic would love this. What’s next, get rid of the legislature too. That would leave only the executive with the mic-in-chief at its apex bring free to do what he wants with no legislative or judicial restraint on his power. Wouldn’t that be nice.
Actually, there’s so much hate in the United States – Democrats vs. GOP, Anti-mic vs. Pro-mic and I may be contributing to this hate with use of the term “mic” – that it’s hard to objectively decide what’s fact and what’s fiction, what’s right and what’s wrong. Maybe we should all just sit back, take a deep breath or two, and relax. Personally, I find this difficult to do in the face of that’s all that’s transpired over the last two or so years. There’s sure been a lot of lying going on, with the mic engineering a good part of this.
I happen to count as two real friends plus one FB “friend” who are supporters of the moron-in-chief. Try as I might to get these guys to admit something as obvious as that the mic is a liar, it seems that all they got with which to come back is “Obama … this, Hillary … that, infanticide this, Vince Foster that … “. They don’t have a way of defending the mic so all they do is go back to the past to attack previous people in power specifically and the Democrats in general. In discussions, I have admitted that I wasn’t a supporter of Hillary Clinton because I don’t find her honest or trustworthy but heaven forbid that these guys admit that the mic’s not infallible.

Oh yes, just one more thing. Happy 4/20 which doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it as it did prior to legalization. Social change comes quite slowly. Wait for it.

That’s all I got except to wish everyone who celebrates Happy Easter, Chag Sameach and what remains of Shabbat Shalom.

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  1. Do trump supporters deny his well documented dishonesty? If not doesn’t their support mean that think it’s okay? Many base their support on his policies. But does he really have any policy, besides doing what is most advantageous and politically expedient for him personally? It’s hard to get your mind around anyone who would support such an obvious conman. But in America the outlaw is also sometimes the hero. It’s just hard to believe they would also make him the sheriff.

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