Fear and Loathing in American Government and Politics: Things That Go Trump in the Night.

Today, the moron-in-chief says that Melania has grown to know Kim very well. Fact is she had never even met the thug. The WH spin is that the moron-in-chief shares his dealings with Kim and others with his wife and that is how he was able to lie that Melania knows Kim quite well. This is just bullshit and the spin doesn’t matter because (a) his base doesn’t care about his lies, and (b) people who oppose the moron-in-chief don’t believe a word of what he says anyway.

John Kasich said in a back-and-forth on CNN, that Americans cannot allow this type of shit to become the new normal. I got sad news for him: it’s too late.

Sadly, I have grown to actually despise the moron-in-chief: the sound of his voice, that fucking face, his ill-tailored and ill-fitting suits, his penguin-like stance, his being short on brains and long on ties, the toilet paper attached to his shoe, his complete lack of any semblance of both integrity and sense of humour, his useless trade war, his not showing up at a G-7 climate change round table and then lying about why he wasn’t there – he said that his meeting with India’s Modi and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, went on too long when in fact both leaders – Modi and Merkel – were shown to be at said round table – his selling the presidency and using it to do business in the hopes that he can make some scratch, his disgustingly sexist lifestyle and so on.

It is beyond me that people can be as ignorant, woefully uninformed, so undignified, believing anything that the moron-in-chief spews at them and labelling anything that doesn’t cast their leader in a positive light as fake.

I saw one of the deplorables being interviewed and being confronted with the fact that Trump had said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and “still not lose any voters”. She argued that he never had said that and when told that there was video of his statement, she proceeded to call that “fake”. It was enough to make me feel like puking, actually. Ignorance pervades the American population more than I thought possible in this day and age, and this uninformed and completely unenlightened orientation can be seen as a partial result of the poor shape of the American educational system as a whole.

In whose interests is a poorly educated populace? In the interests of the “one percents”. I use that term as a means of “saving words and time” and I mean that, unlike when the moron-in-chief rationalized his calling Tim Cook, “Tim Apple”. As some have said we all make mistakes and misspeak at times. Why not just admit that you made a mistake rather than lying about it as Trump did? By trying to mislead people with his lies, he turned a non-event into a news story. What a foolish man he is, stupid as the day is long. Left?

Back to corporate greed, the “one percent”. It is in their interests to see people divided and fighting with each other rather than confronting their real enemies, that same “one percent”. A poorly educated and desperate citizenry are just too uninformed to be able to see the truth and too uneducated to gain the perspective that comes with education starting in high school and proceeding through college and university and as I understand it, there is a difference between those two terms. Colleges do not offer degrees beyond the Bachelors’ level, while universities offer MA’s, MBA’s, MSc’s as well as courses of study leading to professions like medicine.

Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune
Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune

Supporters of the moron-in-chief, for the most part, are part and parcel of what Hillary Clinton classified as a “basket of deplorables” and that’s putting it mildly. There is no chance that his base will ever think or say ill of him so don’t waste your energy trying to reason with them. You’re wasting your breath and you have much better things to do with your precious time.

4 responses to “Fear and Loathing in American Government and Politics: Things That Go Trump in the Night.”

  1. It has become near impossible to understand how Trump’s supporters can continue to either turn a blind eye to his behaviour and devastating policies or follow with willful ignorance.
    The damage that Trump has and is doing to his country and the world is no longer simply on him, but on the politicians and voters who refuse to take a justified stand against him. He is anti-American and, ironically enough, anti-Republican. Although, the Republican Party was destroyed by Trump anyway

  2. As his actions are starting to hurt those who voted for him (tariffs hurting farmer & manufacturing, coal workers being left without pay and jobs) I believe more and more of them may be looking to the Democrats for help. His racist, misogynist, white supremacist base are helpless.

  3. No arguments from me on anything you wrote. After all this time, I STILL don’t get how that mistake of a life got there. I never realized there were so many other “morons” to vote him in power. You really nailed it.
    (Forgive me for calling him a mistake of a life!)

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