Big Loser Juice

Another JuicyLesson from 🇨🇦 Jerry:  

   Yesterday evening, I heard the moron-in-chief accuse Democrats of fraud, of trying to steal the election by taking votes away from him with the use of “illegal” mail-in ballots. He actually said that he would accept and support what he called “legal ballots”, i.e. ballots which were filled in at polling stations on election day but he would not accept the “illegal ballots” cast by mail. Everyone knows that registered Democrats as well as a substantial portion of Independents take the pandemic seriously and thus decided not to risk their health and possibly their very lives by going to polls to vote, choosing instead to mail in their ballots. Not to forget the fact that Trump set the whole thing in motion by advising his supporters not to vote by mail because the system was corrupt. He knew that this was coming and if his supporters cast their ballots almost exclusively and only on Election Day that he would have a leg to stand on. 

   The moron-in-chief knows the story. As someone on CNN stated he is a mock turtle, stranded in the hot sun, turned over on his back and flailing away, trying to salvage something to save himself from defeat. He is aware that he’s losing and will go to  any length to save his job, not to become a loser in everyone’s eyes, a one-term president, including, perhaps even in his own eyes, but I doubt that. 

   Since I watched this travesty, Biden has taken the lead in Georgia while he rapidly closes in on Trump’s lead in the Keystone State, Pennsylvania, as more and more mail-ins are counted. 

There is absolutely no evidence, zero, to support Trump’s accusations of election theft and fraud. Yesterday, he lied a number of times – no surprise there. From saying that observers weren’t permitted to watch certain counting in the face of a court decision backing the view that observers should be legally allowed to observe, unobstructed, vote-related activities in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia among as well as in some other states, to contending that the media consciously inflated polls in favour of Biden to suppress the vote, off the deep end did this horrible excuse for a human being plunge. Even though there is, theoretically, logic to this argument in the sense that if people were wrongly led to believe that Biden’s lead was insurmountable, potential voters – both Republican and Democratic – would be turned off and “stay home” rather than vote either in person or by mail, once again the following question has to be asked and satisfactorily answered: what evidence does this moronic idiot have for such an accusation? So far, the response has to be: none, absolutely none. 

   Needless to say, accusations like the above are dangerous in the sense that they cast a dark light on the process and progress of U.S. democracy. Voting is the essential building block and cornerstone of all democracies including that in the United States, and baseless claims of fraud and voter theft cannot help but erode popular faith in the framework in which democratic governments have been able to develop and thrive.

   Given the reality that Trump will lose the election, what happens next? Well obviously he will do whatever he can to continue to disparage and discredit the process including taking all legal paths available in his attempts to overturn the results of mail-in ballots. After this, who the fuck knows? One thing for sure, however, is that Biden has just taken the lead in Pennsylvania opening the way for a resounding Electoral College victory of over 300 votes for the Democratic candidate. One step at a time seems to be the best path to follow left now.

   Stay tuned.

   Peace out.

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  1. Consider this: Biden is ahead right now in the popular vote by about 4 Million. California has about 16 million votes, of which less than 75% have been reported, so about 4 million outstanding. So far Biden is winning about 65% of the vote, so add at least 2.6 million to his popular vote total over trump = 6.6 million votes. Hillary won the popular vote by about 2.5 million votes. Biden’s margin will count among the top ten of presidential election history. Any suggestion that this was a ‘close election’ is exaggerated. It only seems that way because of the stretched out count.

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