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There has been a shooting at a Mosque in Quebec City, leaving some dead. Apparently three gunmen entered the mosque in our provincial capital during a regular evening service, and opened fire. Six have been killed and another eight wounded, of which six are fighting for their lives as of this writing. Two people have been arrested, with police still looking for the third suspected gunman as well as checking for co-conspirators. Marois (see below) softened them up and Trump provided the final touch. Thanks, Pauline. Thanks, Donald. A lot.

Thinking about what’s going on in the Excited States and remembering that values charter which basically cost PQ Pauline Marois her government because we, the Québécois, threw her out on her fucking fat, separatist, racist ass. We are too smart for that.

Yes there were incidents. [Check out JuicyLesson # 124 by accessing the site and hitting SEARCH. Simply type in Juicy Lesson #124.]

A woman wearing a head scarf was spat on in a Montreal West Island Mall. Another was told, on a bus, to take off her head scarf or “the government will do it for you”.

A mosque in Montreal was graffitied with pig’s blood (pigs are not Kosher for Muslims) and other incidents which escape me at the moment but can be read about in the aforementioned Juicies.

Anyway. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Trump actually built what he called “a big, beautiful wall” on the Canada-US border to keep Americans in, similar to what the East Germans did to keep East Berliners, part of Communist East Germany in, and thus to prevent their escape to democratic West Germany. Two people actually tried to go the other way, from free West to Communist East Berlin. They had been partying too hard and were quite inebriated.

Back to Marois, la vache qui me fait chier (the cow that makes me shit). Somewhat like Trump. Do you remember when she congratulated members of Canada’s Olympic hockey team which had just won a gold at the Vancouver summer Olympics, but she only mentioned those from Quebec, leaving out people like fluently Ontario-born Jonathan Toews. What a twit she is? Hope I never have to look at her ugly face again.

The Cult Rocks, Truly.

Simple but sweet.

So Trump has reorganized the National Security Council, upgrading Steve Bannon, white nationalist, very, very dangerous and crazy after a week of crazy which saw Trump ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. Not included in the ban were Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and some other countries which contain Trump hotels or with which Hump does business. Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Bin Laden, not included? This is one important reason why Trump’s tax returns would be an important source of information in this and other cases. But Trump has refused to release his returns and probably will not ever do that.

Trump’s travel ban, aside from being illegal and unconstitutional, has drawn the ire of some world leaders like Germany’s Merkle, as well as providing propaganda for ISIS. Is this Trump’s “secret plan” to defeat ISIS? Don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me feel like doing something but I, unfortunately am not healthy enough to take any direct action like demonstrate, at least, or do something else. I would gladly sacrifice my life if this would do something to get rid of Trump. But there are no guarantees. I am also an older person as well as being a victim of a debilitating disease, Scleroderma. Check out photos of my hands on my site (About Jerry). I still drive a modified Harley Trike, I can also write but I couldn’t shoot.

The Brainless Wonder Boy

The Brainless Wonder Boy

We’re in serious trouble, people. So get ready.

Featured shot by Daniel Schwartzberg.


  • Linda Brown says:

    Hey ‘masked Bandit’…. I just read your earlier posting ( Yesterday’s, I believe). I do not engage racist angry people. I just let their unhappiness eat them up from the inside out. It does , you know….eat them up, that is. . It is pretty awful to see how many hateful people there are in the US. We have them here too but they are still a little less confident of their audience and they still want to keep some sane friends. I guess that our Canadian racist bigots are , what might be termed, more ‘socially adept jerks’. They hide their hate and remain quieter …but if they were to have a Trump to lead them, they’d be just as dreadful. Our creeps might be a tad better educated too. If anyone writes anything nasty and intolerant and racist on my site, I just delete their comment. If they persist, I remove them themselves from my site, entirely . I’d even remove people who caused me even slight anxiety. The one thing that I notice about these nasty people is that they have such fear for ‘self’. Self becomes the focus of their life, even for those whose bones are pretty old and rusty. I cannot imagine living my life caring so deeply about MYSELF, to the detriment of so many desperate, poor, terrified people. In fact, I cannot imagine caring so much about myself that I would put myself above the rights of anyone else on earth. Whenever I see that bulbous buffoon, Trump , I marvel at how he can believe that his life is of any importance at all. A bird, a worm or a squirrel has more to offer to the world. Mind you…that voluminous body could a provide a copious amount of earthly fertilizer. lol. BTW…with friends like your’s above…you do not need enemies. Now….you concentrate on getting better. Do you hear me? Stress from stupid people is bad for your health. xo

  • Linda Brown says:

    Read the second essay. Totally agree. My now nearly 99 year old mother had plotted and planned with then 90+ year old California cousin , to act as a liberal ‘asset’ and pop off George W. Who would ever have suspects two adorable old ladies with their walkers. She had offered to do this to please her elder daughter…yours truly. lol. They had a little trouble with the logistics and they never got their plan under way. Now my mother is pushing 100 but her spirit is still willing. She is plotting from her nursing home and she has the spirt of a ninja turtle. However, She has two nasty bedsores. They are a handicap. Her cousin has a bigger problem. She died a few months ago at 99. As she says….’ back to the drawing boards.

  • Linda Brown says:

    I do not mean to minimize the problem that the US …and by extension…we are all facing. I am sincerely hoping that the US will right itself. If they do not, perhaps we will be the witness of the unravelling of a super power. Like the angry people who eat themselves up from the inside out, the whole country may just eat itself up and defecate itself away. Not all bad!

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