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Things That Go Trump in the Night

I don’t know if Trump’s “locker room banter” with Billy Bush in 2005 is “horrific” as Hillary Clinton – as prone to using hyperbole as ever – stated that it was. But Donald Trump is ridiculous and his behaviour is unconscionable.

Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, is supposedly an evangelical Christian. I wonder if he enjoys being linked with a guy who describes grabbing a woman by “the pussy”, and who clearly seems proud of hustling a married woman, whom he pursued “like a bitch” in his own words, recorded for everyone to hear, during a conversation involving television and entertainment personality, the handsome Billy Bush, but he failed. “I’ll admit it,” he says.

Actually, this new morning saw Pence distancing himself from Trump’s remarks, saying that he would not attend a scheduled campaign event supposedly to have been attended by Trump and Paul Ryan, the Republican majority leader in their House of Reprentatives, the latter saying that he felt sickened by Trump’s words and actions. In the latter category, in regard to Trump’s actions, this probably relates to what the media calls sexual assault but I think is actually sexual battery unless an assault (rape, in this instance) actually occurred. Grabbing women’s pussies, is sexual battery, not sexual assault. (See my clarification on the definitions of sexual assault and sexual battery in the Comments section below.)

Actually, I am mildly confused about what Donald meant with his remark about pursuing this married woman “like a bitch”. Did he mean that she was a bitch or that he himself was in pursuit like the proverbial bitch in heat?

If this idiot wins the election, it would greatly surprise me. If he gets more than 40% of the popular vote, even after this latest ‘gaffe’, it would tell us a lot about the American psyche, it’s love affair with God, glory and guns, for example.

I was a member of a fraternity for three years before deciding to quit during the middle and late sixties. We drank, partied, played cards, and one guy used to hang a pair of panties from the flag pole outside the frat house on Mountain Street every time he scored. We all tried to get laid as often as possible, some being more successful than others. Regardless, I’m sure that most of the brothers talked a good game.

Although I don’t specifically remember whether we used the type of language used by Trump in that bus, but I’m sure we did.

But we were young, single, and students at university.

On the other hand, at the time that the above-mentioned tape was made in 1950, Trump was 60 years old, a famous business person, and married to his present wife, Melania, for around four months. Not to forget the fact that none of us was aspiring to occupy the most powerful political office in the world.

No sir. In the tape, Trump talks, in vulgar terms, about groping women, saying that if you’re a star, they’ll let you do it. “They let you do anything.”

Give that man a little more rope and stand away as he hangs himself with it.

Just one more thing, needless to say, we anti-Trumpsters must seal ourselves against the fact that when Trump loses, he ain’t gonna be happy. Who’s he gonna blame?

One thing for sure – he won’t be blaming himself any time soon although it is remark-able that he has apologized if anyone was offended and stated that Bill Clinton has said far worse on the golf course than what Trump himself uttered on that bus.

He could have just apologized and left President Clinton out of it. But oh no. Not the Donald. Plus, what does he mean “if”?

This morning, a new day, sees Trump apologize, once again bringing Bill Clinton into his speech which he actually turned into a Trump for President rally, laughable as a concept at the present. But as is said and one can see that it’s true that a week is an eternity in politics.

That being said, it would take a disaster of epic proportions to befall the Clinton campaign beteeen now and Election Day for Trump to have a genuine path to win the White House. And even in the face of such a disaster, give Trump a little more rope and he’ll say or do something to turn the whole magilla around in Clinton’s favour again.

Early voters down there in the Excited States are losing out in the sense that anything that happens on the campaign trail, on either side, cannot affect their already-cast vote.

Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, said that Trump’s words were nothing that he wanted to or could support.

Peace, my brothers and sisters. Get ready to exhale because I’m thinking it’s almost time.


  • Peter Marmorek says:

    Traditionally, presidential politics anticipates an “October Surprise”. With Trump, it’s more like an Advent calendar.

  • Although I’m effin fed up with hearing about the elections, I took the bait and read your piece. While I have no desire to see Trump elected, for many if not all of the reasons you adduce, you should leave sex out of the equation unless you’re willing to cast a wider net. The power that comes with politics is a heady aphrodisiac that many men in office are always taking advantage of, regardless of the costs to themselves, their families, and victims. You aren’t happy with the prospects of the White House being occupied by a boorish, genital-groping philanderer bragging about his exploits at a time when he wasn’t aspiring to the most powerful political office in the world? How do you feel about it being occupied by an enabler who threatened the victims of her husband’s sexual predatoriness WHILE he occupied that very office? (not to mention that he’ll be back there as First Gentleman, a sorry description if I ever heard one). Just sayin.

  • Jerry Cohen says:

    In some jurisdictions, Trump was counselling sexual assault as opposed to sexual battery. In others, he was discussing sexual battery . In the latter jurisdictions, sexual assault is reserved for rape.

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