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Fear and Loathing in Amerika : Another JuicyLesson from “Canadian Jerry”

07F9D3AC-6CEF-4B15-B5FB-CD14FFB47A8EIt’s hard to believe what’s going on here. Trump’s corrupt, dishonest and totally ignorant approach has been pretty well acknowledged to be a fact of life. Instead of doing something, anything to hold him accountable, politicians and others are simply sitting around and contemplating their navels or running for president. People seem to fear crossing and/or confronting Trump for reasons that remain unclear to me except for the power-money-job scenario and the consequent need/desire to remain in the moron-in-chief’s good graces. Just goes to show you what Americans are all about: “I, me, me, mine” instead of “we, us, us, ours”.

Trump may lose the next election, the only presidential poll that counts, in 2020. What he is forced to endure in the aftermath of his presidency, whether this be in 2020 or, God forbid, in 2024, is up for speculation. However, there is no speculation as to what further damage he may do to America’s international reputation as a beacon of democracy, as an inspiring global presence and to its self-proclaimed standing as “the greatest country on earth”, to the US’s social fabric as well as to our polluted planet. “Promises made, promises kept?” With regard to deregulation which is donating to both pollutants and polluters unbridled reign to fuck up the land and water on our earth even more – yes, promises made, promises kept, but that’s not a good thing in this particular situation and in other cases too.

Just to clarify, there is speculation involved but only on the degree of damage the moron-in-chief will cause, not on the fact that the above-mentioned results
are America’s present reality. Anyone who can’t see this is either stupid, willfully ignorant, or dependent on Trump and his administration, either directly or indirectly.

Stable genius or unstable, totally off the rails, ignorant, undignified, lying piece of shit? 2EF13CAD-2363-441B-9811-5F8E745B5F9AThat’s not a hard one for most of us to answer. The guy has a 38% approval rating as of this writing, but I continue to be shocked, angered and find it very hard to believe the base ignorance of his base who think that Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread, possibly the greatest president in U.S. history, rivalling Washington, Lincoln and far outstripping his intelligent, dignified, and knowledgeable predecessor, Barack Obama. If not the most skilled political actor – and I’m not for the moment arguing that that’s not necessarily a bad thing – Obama, in my humble opinion, puts Trump to shame, to say the least.

Can anyone in his right mind, or should I change that to read “left mind”, imagine Obama carrying on the way his successor has done since declaring himself a presidential candidate in 2015, and even before that? Tweeting nonsense to beat the band, 95290BC6-8CD6-4ABA-91C5-8E964FA2D6F7dangerous tweets, unhinged attacks on anyone perceived by Trump to have slighted him, no matter how slight the slight. Firing people left and right, the latest to walk the plank that other almost even worse piece of garbage than his boss, John Bolton,789D7FB9-BFAD-4045-8BE9-3702022A728D did he get fired as the lying bastard presents it or did he resign as he himself said, but the fact remains that Bolton’s out, the third National Security advisor to see their White House careers end badly for them, but, at least in Bolton’s case, well, for the country as a whole. Bolton apparently was an extremely hawkish National Security chief, who believed that global conflagration precipitated by the U.S. would be necessary in that it would result in a rebuild authored and led by the United States and reconstructed in its own image, whatever that means.

It has been reported that Trump and Bolton got into a heavy argument over Trump’s now cancelled secret meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David, scheduled for the Sunday before the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11, the bombing of the Twin Towers which killed three thousand people and for which Al-Qaeda in the person of Osama Bin Laden, had taken responsibility at the time of the attacks which flattened the World Trade Centre. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have both been designated as terrorist organizations by the United Nations.

Al Qeada operates in a broader theatre than the Taliban, the latter restricted to Pakistan and Afghanistan and the surrounding region, but both of these groups share ideological devotion to the notion of Jihad, holy war against perceived enemies of Islam.

Now back to the dismissal or resignation of John Bolton, his heated argument with Trump, focussed on Trump’s plan to invite representatives of the Taliban to a meeting designed to end American participation in the war in Afghanistan, if not bringing finality to the war itself. Bolton, like many people, was against the meeting and said so, not thrilling his boss. The results are that Bolton’s gone, and Trump’s quest for the Nobel Peace Prize is on hold for the moment, at least.

Trump actually is his own National Security chief. As a matter of fact this guy thinks he knows everything and in fact controls most cabinet jobs himself, much like Mussolini, who himself held eleven of the fifteen cabinet positions in pre-World War II Italy, a hallmark of any fascist state.

Trump is a true narcissist who believes that he knows everything, more than the generals, for example; “I am the least racist person in the world”, I have a huge berain, I am the best, the healthiest, the most knowledgeable, I didn’t take advice from anyone – I made the decision by myself – as if that’s a positive for the president of the United States, and the leader of the free world, a role he is abdicating as we speak, if he hasn’t already vacated that particular spot on the world stage.B37B1580-4F91-436F-A177-96071009F329

How long can we allow this bum, this racist fool, this misogynistic, sexist, ignorant pig, to run the American government? 84C1A72D-FDD7-4B2B-A5F6-51732A514191He doesn’t obey subpoenas, he won’t reveal his tax returns, and has threatened to sue any of the educational institutions he has attended which release his academic records – one of his teachers at Wharton described Trump as the “worst student that (he) has ever had” – he has paid off women to keep them quiet regarding his dalliances while at first denying that he knew that these payments had been made. Take note of the fact that Trump was caught on tape discussing these disbursements before the fact, with disgraced toady lawyer, the moron-in-chief’s so-called fixer, Michael Cohen, now doing time having pled guilty to “five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements to a financial institution, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate (Trump)…” “ … Cohen said he violated campaign finance laws at the direction of Trump and ‘for the principal purpose of influencing’ the 2016 presidential election.” (Wikipedia)

Trump is really running a criminal organization, not a government administration by any stretch of the imagination. He’s sleazy, a slime ball, an oily, greasy, bottom feeding, nutcase and some people better stand up to him before Dorian makes land in Alabama, and the sooner, the better.


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