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Idiot Juice

About ten days ago, this freaking president had the media talking heads going nuts discussing his use of quotation marks in his tweets re. Obama’s “wiretapping”/wiretapping. He has got us fiddling while Rome burns. Wake up, people. This is one dangerous “hombre”. A truly hateful, disgusting human being, with apologies to more “normal” human beings.

I have been quiet lately, while seething inside, watching Trump attack those around him capriciously, placing the United States’ position internationally as the leader and protector of the free world at risk, and the ultimate fate of the free world along with it.
Take a look at his body of “work” since he announced that he was running for the presidency slightly more than two years ago.

The very first thing that happened was his characterization of Mexican immigrants as “… rapists” and criminals. “I suppose some of them are good people”.

That established a pattern of the racism, mysoginy and bigotry which was omnipresent during his campaign. Whether it was his blatant mocking of a physically challenged reporter with whom he disagreed, the insulting of a mother of a member of the armed forces who had been killed while doing active duty overseas, or his wide-ranging prejudicial proposal to ban Moslem immigration to the United States “until we figure out what the hell has been going on”, Trump has demonstrated a reactionary attitude, one designed partly to feather his own nest along with those of his family and associated hangers-on.
He has gone through people like the KFC to which he appears to be partial.B3F1AB2C-CE11-4736-A239-3A966D2A70E2-724-000000A00AE706D3 He’s actually getting fatter, looking worn and a little fatigued. Not nearly as fatigued as I have become with the rhetoric coming out of the WH. Sean Spicer, James Comey, Reince Priebus, the “Mooch” (after ten days as WH Communications Director; replaced by General John Kelly) – all fired. “You’re fired”. Big joke, eh? And let’s not forget Attorney General Jeff Sessions whose job was hanging by a very thin thread two days ago but things seem to have stabilized at least for the moment on that file at least. Apparently John Kelly had a phone conversation with the Attorney General and assured him that his job was safe.

Taking credit for the positive state of the American economy is a dubious proposition. Since the Industrial Revolution, the economy has always worked in cycles of inflation where demand for goods and services is high, and recession where demand for goods declines, resulting in a falling economy, rising unemployment, decreasing rate of GDP growth, increased expenditures by government in a time of declining tax revenue in all spheres, including those encompassing corporate and privately owned businesses, as well as public and private business organizations. 04B6FFCB-40AF-4731-9BB2-D55D2A602924-724-000000A0601E1E9C Government fiscal and monetary policies are designed to minimize the negative effects of economic downturns while managing upturns but only to even things out, making sure that the dips and rises are not as extreme. Governments however have not been able to eliminate the actual cycle itself. Things just happen to be good now. Thank your lucky stars, Donny-boy because if the economy does go into a downturn, just watch what happens. You think that approval levels in the high thirties percent is bad? Just you wait.

Trump is a bigot. His proposed restrictions on, and new qualifications for, legal immigration are just another example of his racist orientation. He’s worse than Don Fucking Cherry, for fuck sake. His proposed Muslim ban fits seemlessly into his attitude which is steeped in incredible bigotry and dangerous prejudice. He was a racist business man and today is a racist president. Only the title has changed but the man remains the same delusional fool.

He will probably see his proposed immigration bill defeated on the floor of the Senate. However just to mention one qualification that Trump’s bill proposes is that immigrants to the United States must be able to speak English. What?



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