Uncool and Unacceptable Juice : Fear and Loathing in the Supreme Court

Another Juicy Lesson from 🇨🇦 Jerry 🇨🇦.

What’s getting overlooked in relation to the leaked draft Supreme Court opinion which overturns Roe v Wade (1970) and would send the abortion issue to the States is the following: Two – and perhaps three if Gorsuch is included and I ain’t sure whether he fits the bill – of Trump’s SCOTUS nominees, Kavanaugh and Barrett, both lied under oath during their respective Senate confirmation hearings when questioned about their opinion on Roe v Wade. Both stated, in no uncertain terms, that they believed that Roe v Wade is settled law and as such, they would not work to overturn it if they were appointed to the Supreme Court.
Why people aren’t talking about this is beyond me. Are there no consequences for perjury? What the fuck.

Aislin, in the Montreal Gazette, 05-05-2022.

6 responses to “Uncool and Unacceptable Juice : Fear and Loathing in the Supreme Court”

  1. Virginia Hughes says: Lying seems be an acceptable form of communication in our government.

  2. Injustice is present everyday and i also cant believe we just “go with it”.

    And most of these clowns are running the world lol . Thats the most disturbing thing in all of this . I don’t know about the story related in your article though 😛

    • It’s sad, Faigie, and dangerous for democracy. Over 70% of the American people oppose tampering with Roe v Wade yet here comes the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn it. I know that the SCOTUS should not be bound to honour what’s popular but it seems to be living in the past. To top it off, we have the three – yes, Gorsuch is included; he was strident during his confirmation hearing in affirming that Roe v Wade was settled law and, as such, should not be messed with – Trump appointees outrightly lying to get their appointments in the first place. Fucking disgusting and intolerable.

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