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One-Off Video Saturdays: More From That Raving Maniac, Dusty Smith’s Cult of Dusty …

You can become a homosexual if you eat a gay chicken, or so goes Dusty’s argument for today. “The gayness of the chickens gets right into the meat.”

Chick Fil-A guarantees that it uses the most heterosexual chickens available. How many times have we gone into KFC or another of Chick-Fil-A’s competitors, bitten into one of their sandwiches and thought, sometimes out loud: “This chicken must have been a homo.”

“At Chick-Fil-A we have specially trained workers who can sniff out gay chickens which we then ship to KFC where over 90% of the chicken served comes from homosexual hens.”

But seriously folks …

Peace out.


  • LL says:

    When you set out originally to do this blog, you had some pretty clear categories for what you were going to write about. Exactly which category does this fall under?

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